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Literacy in Information Age

Anna Wilson IDT 7064

anna wilson

on 3 November 2014

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Transcript of Literacy in Information Age

Anna Wilson
IDT 7064

Literacy In Information Age
Lesson Ideas for Integration

Define Inquire Search Collect Organize Verify Express Reflect
Lesson Ideas for Integration
Media Literacy
Lesson Ideas for Integration

Perceptions of Literacies
for the Information Age
My perceptions of literacy has changed over the years.
Media has changed and allows students to explore, create, and present information for free in a variety of formats.
Information is now available that allows users to easily access and create media presentations.
As a third grade teacher, we do require students to create and present using media. As teachers, we use a variety of media to create different ways to present the material.
In the future, I hope to ultilize more of the technology available while not creating "technology overload". There is such thing as too much technology at such a young age, in my opinion!!
The Big 6



Access, analyze, evaluate, and create

1. Task Definition 2. Information Seeking Strategies 3. Location and Access
4. Use of Information 5. Synthesis 6. Evaluation
Grade- 4
Content- Math
Student Product- Completion of word problems
Overview of Lesson- Students will be given a set of word problems. They will be given iPads, laptops, and computers to complete the word problems. They will need these devices to figure out how many inches/feet/yards are in mile to solve the word problem. The students will be given a list of websites to assist in solving the word problem. They will be evaluated based on the answers to the word problems.
Grade- 6
Content- Science
Student Product- Science Fair Project
Overview of Lesson- Students will pick a topic to test. They will be given websites to research their topic. They will use scientific websites (which we will discuss as a class) to find material to verify their project. The students will test their hypothesis, compare data with information found during the research, analyze the results, and present the findings to the class. Students will be evaluated on the research, results, and presentation.
Grade- 3
Content- Geography
Student Product- Work Sheet on different biome
Overview of Lesson- Students will be given four different biome to answer basic questions on after watching a YouTube video. They will also be given the opportunity to use their geography book to help answer the questions on the worksheet. Students will then create a drawing of one biome. They will be evaluated on the worksheet and drawing.
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