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A Team initiative for the faculty and staff of UCS - August 18, 2014

gina poblete

on 18 August 2014

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Transcript of BRIDGE FORWARD

A little history...
A Visioning workshop with UCS Middle School team last June 11-12, 2014
An illustration of a BRIDGE to symbolize the vision
Stepping stones to move forward together
Support from above and below (foundation & steel cables)
An insight on how to co-exist and achieve harmony
despite our differences (viewpoints, styles, approach, etc.)
How do we bring our BEST selves to the classroom?
How do we be the BEST for our students, co-teachers, staff?
Let's do some exploring about ourselves, a journey...
What's on your mind? The power of the Q's!
How do get from here to there?
Today to tomorrow?
Old to new?
"I" to "We"
Uncertainty to Clarity
Good to great?
Fluid to solid?
What's with the survey anyway? ;-)
Designed to help individuals identify the way they learn from experience
Based on Experiential Learning Theory (ELT)from 20th century scholars
"EXPERIENCE" is the source of Learning & Development
So what is my Learning Style?

*Let's TAB pages: p 5, p 7, p17 & p25
What are the Learning styles of my team members?
A snapshot of the UCS teams learning styles:
UCS TEAM Initiative for SY 2014-15
Let's BRIDGE FORWARD Together!!

Experiential Learning Theory
The Experiential Learning Cycle
What is "Learning Flexibility Score?
The extent to which an individual adapts his or her learning style to the demands of the learning situation.
One's learning style is NOT a fixed personality trait but more like a habit of learning shaped by experience and choices - - it can be automatic, unconscious mode of adapting OR can be consciously modified and changed.

In a learning situation, we EXPERIENCE, REFLECT, THINK & ACT.
Your Learning Style is on pages 7-8
Your flexibility score is on pages 17-18
Your "Kite" diagram is on page 5
Your career characteristics are on page 25
Let's "experience" our learning styles!
Harmonious Hoola Hoops...

The Nine Learning Styles
Understand yourself as a learner
Mindfulness & Intentionality to flex into other styles to improve learning capability
"This ability to deliberately learn from experience is the most powerful source of adult learning!"
Insight: our students have different learning styles too!
Respect for learners
create learning space for experiential learning
"People grow best when they continuously experience an ingenious blend of challenge & support" (1994:42)
The secret to a great day...
Excerpts to inspire for the new school year...
(some passages from the Prayer led by Frank O'Linn, Principal, at the IB of St. Edward Highschool 2014)

"To what end would it serve students to know how to read, write, calculate, and draw, or to possess some notions of history, geography ,geometry physics and chemistry if they are ignorant of their duties to God, to themselves, and to society, or if, while knowing them, they did not conform their conduct to that knowledge?"

"We shall always place education side by side with instruction; the mind will not be cultivated at the expense of the heart. While we prepare useful citizens for society, we shall likewise do our utmost to prepare citizens for heaven.
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