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Iraq's New Government

No description

Chauncey Johnson

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Iraq's New Government

Iraq's Reformed Government
Different Forms of Government
The type of government that Iraq should have is a Representative Democracy.
A Representative Democracy is a type of government where people are elected by the citizens to represent them. A Direct Democracy is very similar because they both follow one document that sets the rules for everybody.
A Representative and Direct Democracy are both basically ran by the Constitution so that everybody is supposed to be "created equally".
Today we will be discussing a new form of government for the state, Iraq, to make it a functional for it's citizens.
Iraq's New Government

Locke was one who beloved that government had to be fair and equitable in order to be sustainable. He also believed that citizens had the right to revolt if said government was not meeting their needs.
Admired Philosophers
Without Locke's beliefs we would probably not be
the way we are now. Locke believed in equal power
and we have adapted to that today. All branches of government have equal power over each other
preventing one from having too much say
over what goes.
Iraq should have a Representative Democracy so that the citizens can be heard and vote for their beliefs or what they think would be right for them. A Democracy is important because it can affect your lives in a positive and negative way. Also, establishing a new government in Iraq would resolve most of the violence for example public car bombings.
Thomas Hobbes
Thomas Hobbes was one of the first to theorize
Social Contract. He said that in a state of nature, no government existed without an authority to protect
people from one another. Unlike Locke he believed that people should surrender to the state power needed to maintain order and the state in return would agree to protect their citizens.
Though government in the states are inspired more by Locke's theories, it would be wrong to say that Hobbes did not have an effect on it either. Government now does try its best to protect it citizens and at times does a pretty good job at it without having total power over its citizens.
John Locke
The colonists used a series of propaganda to persuade other colonist to cause the separation from Great Britain. Also, the taxation that Great Britain enforce increased the colonist fury. This is due to the lack of comm
Separation from GB
The use of propaganda had an enormous effect on the American Revolution by creating vivid images, scenery, and representative figure such as the image shown.
Use of Propaganda
We think that Iraq should adopt a(n) democratic government. Basically, we feel as though that Iraq should have a democracy. Since the US government has a functional government, that Iraq should mimic this form of government for its own benefit. By doing this, first Iraq's government NEEDS to listen to its people.
New Type of Government
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