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Instructional Coaching in Haarmann Superintendency

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Kelly Freitas

on 4 March 2015

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Transcript of Instructional Coaching in Haarmann Superintendency

Maximizing Learning
through the co-teaching cycle
Minds On
Learning Goal
We are learning how the Alex Lawson matrix and look fors will support Engage Math, within the co-learning cycle.
Compare Alex Lawson's matrix to the Engage Math poster. What is the same? What is different? What questions might you have? Discuss as a table group and then we will share as a whole group.
The Matrix
The matrix represents a balanced numeracy programme that aligns with Engage Math and focuses on TASK, TALK and TOOLS, within the context of a developmental continuum.

The Developmental Continuum
-look at the student work samples and order the strategies from least to most proficient
-use Lawson's or Fosnot's continuum to locate and name the strategies
-place a post it note on the student work identifying the strategy

How does this connect to the Five Practices?
Working On It
The Co-Cycle and the Matrix
We are in the process of working with the Alex Lawson lead teachers to set a goal within the matrix, and that is a focus during the co-teaching cycle
Take a minute to review the co-teaching cycle graphic and a typical schedule
-what do you notice?
-what surprises you?

Setting Teacher Goals
Lead teachers are investigating all parts of the matrix, and have set an evolving personal inquiry goal

Spreading the Learning
-Read p.47-48, the section called Build from Strength, from West and Saphier's article called "How Coaches Can Maximize Student Learning"
-what could "spreading the learning" look like at your site?
–what culture and climate is needed to spread the learning and create a numeracy learning community?

"The principal and the coach together in each building and the relationship they have with one another are the main catalysts for improving teaching in the building." (Jon Saphier and Lucy West)
Thank you!
Partial Products
Doubling and Halving
Repeated Addition
Numberline-Skip Counting
Known Fact
Multiplication Matrix
Multiplication problem
“Our work is driven by the desire to transform classrooms into communities of mathematicians: places where children explore interesting problems and like mathematicians, engage in crafting solutions, justifications, and proofs of their own making." (Cathy Fosnot)
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