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Final project exam about employee motivation in Grand Hotel

No description

Veronika Cizmarova

on 9 June 2016

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Transcript of Final project exam about employee motivation in Grand Hotel

Final project presentation about employee motivation in Grand Hotel Excelsior
Grand Hotel Excelsior and employee motivation
Additional steps
Grand Hotel Excelsior
founded 10th September 2007
5 star luxury hotel in Malta
over 400 team members
high quality of service, great location, eco friendly hotel, iPrefer Loyalty Program
Research question
How can management and employees at the Grand Hotel Excelsior conduct the implemetation of motivation tools in order to enhance the employee satisfaction?
Suggested motivational improvements

Canteen development
Improving of hiring process and communication with interns
Rewarding program for employees
Extra interview with HR Coordinator
Aim: to find out reaction about the new suggested motivational improvements

Question: Would hotel consider new suggested improvements regarding to canteen, communication with interns and rewarding?
Results of the extra interview
all suggestions perceived as good ideas by HR Coordinator

Regarding to the canteen:
HR department still working on improving of quality of dishes
possible orientation to the healthy cuisine
possible including of soup in the canteen menu
Results of the extra interview
Regarding to the hiring and communication:
own system in hiring of interns through school institutions but also considering to improve it together with communication
plan to add internship section on the website of Grand Hotel Excelsior

Results of the extra interview
Regarding to the rewarding program:
rewarding program has to be more discussed with management of the hotel
suggested rewarding system can be seen as a too controling in eyes of employees
hotel is planning to improve rewarding of employees in the near future
to include more samples (2-3) of canteen menu
to include more types (ideas) of rewarding programs (2-3)
to include employees to the research and find out how they perceive employee motivation in the hotel
to include another relevant questions in the with HR Coordinator
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