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The importance of competent managers

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livier angel

on 31 August 2015

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Transcript of The importance of competent managers

The importance of competent managers
Accept feedback generously
Managers are always giving feedback to the employees, and most of them where once an employee as well, so they should accept the feedback generously, because is one of the most important skills.
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Communication Skills:
A manager needs this skill to deal with business situations and get better results in every negotiation. Also to frame ideas in strategic business language, speak and understand the language of senior managers.
To make a professional impression.
A manager must be easy to understand and talk to.
Motivate and empower.
Managers can not motivate others if they are not motivated themselves, they also can't force people to be motivated, they can only motivate people by understanding what they are trying to achieve; and
getting people to motivate themselves. Money is not always the best motivation. The best they can do is to try to hire people who like what they do and offering a good work enviroment.
Feedback is a way to keep learning
Feedback is just another word for effective listening
Feedback is essential to develop performance
Feedback is an opportunity to motivate
Lead by example
A manager that is also a leader
makes the employees feel the importance of team work. The manager is responsible for the outcome of the teamwork, weather is successful or failure.
The manager focuses on systems and structure, the leader focuses on people. The manager relies on control, the leader inspires trust.
Ana Livier Angel Hernández
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