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Go English Live

on 13 February 2015

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Transcript of e-Learning

Learners have
Learners have
Learners have
Learners are
Learners are
Learners have
There is a significant amount of content to be delivered to a large number of learners
Content must be reused for different learners’ groups in the future
Training aims to build cognitive skills rather than psychomotor skills
The course addresses long-term rather than short-term training needs
There is a need to collect and track data
Educational & Certification Platform
Educational & Certification Platform
TVI is an
online educational organization
Website Application
Grading and certification
Administration of e-learning and certification content
Organized and standardized TVNI Certification Process
Main Objetive
and the
proper use
of all Vetiver System
Work under the aim and
Virtual education with a
personalised verification
of acquired knowledge.
e-learning platform using the Internet with all
Internet tools
Used by major global educational institutions
To organize and standardize the TVNI Certification Process.
Creation of an organization that would be able to financially support the TVNI NGO and its vision
To Develop an Online Educational Platform Center for Vetiver System Technology (VGT)
Online Payments
Promotion of courses, webinars, certification etc…
Links to all the TVNI network and social network
Direct access to the Educational Platform
Marketing of Vetiver Educational Material

Follow up
Access to grades
Administration of users
Content created or supplied by Veitver.org
Transform course pensum into e-learning by Class101
Content creation and Knowledge upgrading
Up-load of student data
Basic proficiency of smaller courses- All online
Certification of Units- Personnel needed to verify and interview candidates
Tests for courses
Final tests for certifications of major groups of courses
Creation of e-learning platform
Promote the right techniques based on the knowledge of “Vetiver Experts”.
Standardise educational methods
Give educational courses online with easy worldwide access
Help with quality control and promotion of the Vetiver System Techniques worldwide.

Financially support TVNI and its Vision
Thank you
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