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Met Ocean

No description

Robin Thomsen

on 5 October 2016

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Transcript of Met Ocean

AXYS Met Ocean Buoys
Renewable Energy
AXYS WatchKeeper buoy
is a polyethylene buoy designed for coastal deployments in water depths up to 500m.

is a unique aluminum environmental monitoring buoy designed for long-term deployments in extreme conditions.

Custom configurable with a wide range of sensors for monitoring meteorological, oceanographic and water quality parameters

Watertight central compartment houses the electronics payload, and there are two masts for mounting meteorological sensors, telemetry hardware, solar panels and obstruction lights

Uses a 1 Kw wind turbine as a primary power supply, with solar supplemented rechargeable batteries and a diesel generator available as back-up power sources

NNMREC, Oregon State University, U.S.A.
Marinha do Brasil (Brazil Navy), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
National Weather Networks

SmartAtlantic, Canada
Maritime Operation Safety
Real-time meteorological and oceanographic data is used to generate custom synoptic weather and sea-state forecasts to support safe and effective pilot and tanker operations.
NNMREC researchers are able to test wave energy conversion technologies in offshore locations without grid infrastucture.
3 Metre
3 Metre
buoy is a platform designed for harsh offshore environments. It can be configured with a wide range of sensors.

3m diameter
3.4m high
Welded aluminum hull with 6 watertight compartments + watertight central electronics compartment

Aluminum superstructure and steel yoke bolted onto hull

Two moonpools for in-water sensors
Available with three or six 55W solar panels and four or eight 12V 100 amp-hour batteries
Accommodates a complete suite of meteorological sensors and communications devices
1.7m diameter
3.3m high
Concrete internal ballast

Hybrid hull construction - rotationally molded in low density, UV stabilized polyethylene with SS AISI316 frame

Two moonpools for in-water sensors
Available with 4-25W solar panels and up to 6-100 amp hr batteries

Electronics compartment in superstructure
6m long
9m high
Autoridade Publica Olimpica (Olympic Public Authority), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Weather Forecasting
Metocean Services International Pty Ltd, Australia
Offshore Oil Field Development
A network of 12 AXYS 3 Metre buoys provide stakeholders with real-time meteorological and oceanographic data as part of Brazil's Programa Nacional de Boias (National Buoy Program).
3 AXYS WatchKeeper buoys, owned and operated by Universidade Federal do Rio Grande (FURG), provide the APO with a variety of metrics such as wind speed, air temperature, solar radiation, directional waves, current speed and water temperature, knowledge of which is needed for sports like beach volleyball, sailing, triathlon, cycling and marathon swimming.
Real-time data informs critical decisions affecting platform operations, safety & the environment.

Port Authority of the Bay of Algeciras, Spain
Port Security
Local meteorological data transmitted by an AXYS WatchKeeper buoy helps vessel operators make more informed decisions, such as whether to continue an approach to the Port or hold position until the weather improves.
Accommodates a complete suite of meteorological sensors and communications devices
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