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HOtel Project

No description

m cotter

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of HOtel Project

The walls of this building supports it just like the
the cell wall supports the cell. Welcome to the Hotel

A tour produced by Ethan, Hannah and Matthew The security is the cell membrane in the cell because it guards what come in and out of the cell. This camera is like the security in the hotel. This hotel manager is like the nucleus because the nucleus runs everything just like the manager does in the hotel. The front desk represents the nuclear envelope and how it protects the nucleus and the manager. This is our hotel staff, consisting of maids, chefs, and bellhops. They are like the nucleolus because
they organize everything just like the nucleolus assembles all of the ribosomes. This manager's badge represents the chromosomes because it's what is passed down from manager to manager to show who runs the hotel, just like the chromosomes are passed down. The food service carts and platters are like the microtubules. Microtubules are hollow tubes that maintain cell shape, just like a cover over a platter protects the food. The mitochondrion is like the electrical wiring. A mitochondrion is a cell organelle that releases stored energy, just like electrical wiring does when something is turned on. The solar panels here are just like the chloroplasts because the chloroplasts are jelly like substances within the cell membrane that help make food through photosynthesis & sunlight, just like solar panels create power by sunlight to run the hotel. These are the meats at dinner. They are like the Rough ER where proteins are modified. The meat you see here also has many proteins that it provides to consumers. The cheese sandwich represents the soft ER because the cheese sandwich is soft plus the soft ER holds lots of protein and so does cheese. Our gym is like the ribosomes because the ribosomes produce protein just like a person uses protein to build up muscle in a gym. The Golgi apparatus is a stack of membranes that enzymes attach to carbohydrates & lipids to prepare the proteins. This is like all the maids because they makes the finishing touches on rooms before they are used by the guests. Room service is like the Microfilaments because they support the movement of the cell, just like the food service people transport food to other rooms. The kitchen is like a vacuole because it holds materials such as water, salts, and proteins, just like a kitchen hold materials to prepare foods. The hotel pool is like the Cytoplasm because it is the material inside of a cell membrane but not including the nucleus, just like people inside of a pool. The people being the ribosomes and other organelles. Thank-You for joining us
on this spectacular tour around our hotel. If you would like to make reservations please call.

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