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Daniel Levinson's Seasons of Life

No description

Chelsey Bowden

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of Daniel Levinson's Seasons of Life

Stage 1
Ages 17 - 22 years old
Stage 2
Entering the Adult World
Stage 5
Mid-Life Transition
Who is Daniel Levinson ?
Daniel Levinson was an American psychologist who founded the theory of adult development.

This is one of the only theories that continues into the adult years.
The Theory...
Daniel Levinson proposed that adulthood lasts from age 17 to early 50's
Stage 3
Age 30 Transition
Stage 4
Settling Down
Daniel Levinson's Seasons of Life
Includes life structures such as social, physical environments, as well as race, family, work, religion etc..
He proposes six stages of life in the theory
Early Adulthood Transition
Leave adolescence and begin to prepare for the adult life style.
Ages 22-28 years old
Begin making initial decisions for work, love, friendships, values, beliefs, lifestyles.
Ages 28-33 years old
Moderate or severe crisis occurs, caused by change in life structure.
Ages 33-40 years old
Establishes place within society, makes progress with family and career. Expected to behave as a responsible adult, and face more expectations.
Ages 40-45 years old
Usually a time of crisis in the value of a persons life; referred to as a 'mid-life crisis'
Men are now seen as parents to younger males
Men become more sensitive to the idea of death
Stage 6
Entering Middle Adulthood
Ages 45-50 years old
A new life structure is formed, and choices regarding this must be made
Education is being completed and individuals are entering the work force.
Complications with Levinson's Theory
All the data collected came from men with 3 things in common:
1. Each man came from a stable family

2. Each man had realistic goals for their future
3. Each became an adult in an expanding economy
Key Concepts of Levinson's Theory
There are two key concepts of Levinson's theory of the Seasons of Life
1. The Stable Period: The time where the person makes crucial decisions in their life
2. The Transition Period : The end of one stage and the beginning of another.
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