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the radium springs

No description

Hannah Riley

on 15 May 2015

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Transcript of the radium springs

Were is Radium Springs?
The Radium Springs is located in Albany, Georgia on the east side of the flint river.
5 cool facts!
Video of radium springs
the radium springs
Why is it a wonder
The springs are a wonder because it has radium in it. Radium is an element of the Periodic Table. It gives off radiation so stay away.
fact #1.
Did you know Radium Springs had a casino? It was built in 1920. It was destroyed in 2003 because of erosion caused by the river.
fact #2
Ever since the springs were formed the water has been rushing at 70,000 gallons per minute. Talk about roaring rapids.
fact #3
Did you know indians lived at the springs. The Creek Indian tribe lived at radium springs for hundreds of years.
Fact #4
Fact 4 is also the reason why Radium Springs is a wonder. It has radium in it.
Fact #5
Radium Springs (along with the other wonders) is one of the most popular attractions in Georgia.
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