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Bosnian Genocide

No description

Melvin Abner

on 18 December 2012

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Transcript of Bosnian Genocide

Melvin Abner
Daniel Batchelor Bosnian Genocide MAPS Issues Before The Genocide In 1980, the Yugoslav President, Josip Broz Tito, died of old age
(His presidency kept the Bosnian government stable)
After his death, six nations declared independence from Yugoslavia (Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Slovenia)
The Serb Army invaded Srebrenica (Sreh-brin-nee-tuh), a city where Bosniaks resided
Ratko Mladic, a Dutch Commander, led the invasion of this area reasons for hatred they wanted to bring all the Serbs into one large ethnic group Croatia and tudsman both viewed Bosnia there's How people were killed during the genocide The Bosnian muslims were:
beaten when did the world find about the genocide in bosnia the world found out about the genocide in Bosnia in 1992 the UN tried to provide some help for the Bosnian muslims The steps taken to end the genocide Issues DURING The Genocide Tanks were ordered to "shell" Muslim villages, or shower them with rockets
Several homes and buildings were destroyed, along with the Bosniaks' food supply
Commander Mladic (now General), asked the French military to bomb the villages, with procrastinative response
The Serb Army was aided by a small Dutch group that had weak firepower
Commander Mladic made false promises to women and children
He ordered several vans to ship them to fenced camps
The male Bosniaks were shot/cremated
Female Bosniaks (along with children) were only cremated Bosnia-Herzegovina Serbia Croatia Slovenia Macedonia Montenegro they split Bosnia up but nether country wanted the Bosniaks that lived there Issues AFTER The Genocide An American reporter/journalist, whose name is unknown, was arrested while in search for evidence of the genocide
Bombings by the United Nations continued in some areas, as it went on during the genocide
Serb refugees were forced to move into the homes once owned by the Bosniaks
20,000 Bosniaks went unaccounted for Photographs Of Those Responsible For This Event when the UN tried to help they were shot at by the serb army Radoslav Krstic the Genocide is over! Ratko Mladic Radovan Karadzic Cultural Differences Political Differences Religious Differences the genocide ended with the signing of Dayton peace accord which also ended the Bosnian war the peace signing was finalize in Paris on December 14 1995 Use folklore as a pastime
Give significance to structures
Sometimes write or play music to tell stories or express themselves Bosniaks Bosnians Bosniaks Bosniaks Bosnians Bosnians the un tried to step in and help Stay close to their families
Worship a family saint (savior)
Dance and create art works Both worship objects or individuals
Both have traditional pastimes
Both are family-oriented Bill Clinton soon then stepped in and America helped bring peace between the two after about two years of trying to stay out of the the conflict Believed in change
Believed in freedom Believed in aristocracy
Wanted to own all (land, possessions, etc.)
Began to take on Nazi methods (No similarities here) Believe in Allah (God in English)
Few are Atheist
Religions are Sunni Muslim, Atheist, Deist Daniel's Reflection Believe in God
Religions are Christian, Catholic, and Islam Both believe in God Melvin's Reflection After The Genocide WORKS CITED "Bosniaks." Bosniaks. N.p., n.d. Web. 16 Dec. 2012.
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"Timeline: Siege of Srebrenica." BBC News. BBC, 06 Sept. 2005. W Bosnia is facing poverty but there poverty level is slowly decreasing Most Bosnians that relocated went to America after the war/genocide Bosnia has rebuilt most of the there major cities after the war destroyed many of them The population in 1991 (a year before the genocide) was about 532,000 people
The population in 1995 was about 221,000 people I learned that people should not be judged, injured, or executed based on their personal beliefs
People should not receive false punishment for their beliefs
This has affected my point of view of the world because it has shown me how cruel the world really is
I can apply what I learned by spreading friendship among other groups i have learned that people are killing other people just because they believe in something different. its sad that people are still killing others just because of religious differences. its my responsibility as human being to try to do what i can for people in need. i can put what i have learned into a daily basis by trying to help others in trouble
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