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on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of hoteles

El único sistema de cerraduras electrónicas para
hoteles, residencias de estudiantes, geriátricos...
que le ofrece una solución integral.
Show Room
The creations of Cármenes are born out of the passion for design They take shape through the art of the upholsterers, and they live to be enjoyed for a long time.

With the experience of the past, the energy of the present and looking to the future, Cármenes projects its enthusiasm to the world. A work in collaboration with great international designers, who assert the savoir-faire of craftsmanship Made in Spain.
Nuestros clientes
Computer Installations
Montajes Informáticos Barcelona, S.A.
is specialized in structured cabling systems, in copper and in optical-fibre. We have a large experience, being active workers in the wiring of the biggest part of infrastructures which were projected by IBM for the Barcelona 1992 Olympic Games event celebrations (main press centre, Olympic Stadium, Palau Sant Jordi, ...)

Nowadays, we cooperate with manufacturers in the design but also in the implementation of the best solution for our customers, being installers and designers certified in R&M and Panduit.

We are specialized in:
• Structured cabling system solutions Cat-5e, Cat 6, Cat 6A UTP, FTP, etc.
• Racks and Data Processing Centre (DPC)
• Backbones in Copper and Optical-fibre
• Telephone exchanges
• Electronic Networks
We own Network certifiers, Optical-fibre Reflectometer, Optical-fibre cutting and welding tools, and also the proper equipment for the connections between and Copper Optical-fibre different manufacturer connectors available in the market (AMP, R&M, PANDUIT, SYSTIMAX, etc)

Moreover Montajes Informáticos Barcelona, S.A. has specialized in offering solutions to any kind of low signal installation, designing, implementing and setting up the installations of:
• Fire alarm system
• Carbon Monoxide detection
• Megaphone and background music
• Interphones y Video door station
• Alarms and closed circuit TV installations
• Television

Air Conditioning
Mibair, S.L
. is the society specialized in the execution of air conditioning and ventilation projects. We have a wide experience in design and assembly of hot and/or cold installations, offering suitable solutions to the needs of every customer.

•Direct expansion ducted Air conditioning installations
•Water heating system installations
•Radiator heating systems
•Radiating floor cables
•Gas boilers and LPG
•Solar installations (Thermal and photovoltaic)
•Outdoor air treating systems
•Air distribution networks
•Smoke control and evacuation systems
•Cooling installations in DPC rooms
•Industrial ventilation systems

Mechanical Installations
Montajes Industriales Barcelona, S.A.
, is specialized in electrical installations and works and provides with the services of experts and professionals in design and assembling of mechanical installations, especially hot sanitary water and water fire protection networks (PCI).

We offer solutions for the sizing and assembly of distribution networks in copper, cross-linked polyethylene pipes, polypropylene, threaded and welded steel, stainless steel, etc.

According to the pressure and flow rate data of the distribution network and depending on the needs of every installation, we size and install stock supply tanks and water pressure groups, for hot sanitary water and water fire protection networks.
, S.L. technical department consist of engineers and highly qualified professionals. We design and execute the installations which our customers entrust to us, and if our customer requests it, we legalize and carry out the formalities and requirements for its registration and inscription.

At the same time, we offer the service of License of Activities, Construction permissions, Health and Security Plans, etc. to ease to our customers the implementation of their business.

We also have a wide experience in the processing of administrative requirements with the different service companies and operators in order to contract any facility or service which any activity needs.
Montajes Industriales Barcelona, S.A.
is a company specialized in Medium and Low Tension electrical installations which was set up in Barcelona, in 1987.

The effort, illusion and hard work of the professionals who started that business venture, connected to the big development that Barcelona and the rest of country were experiencing but the end of the eighties and beginning of the nineties, helped in the evolution of this project in the perspective of being able to provide of integrated services in the scope of industrial installations.

In order to provide a global service they established
Montajes Informáticos Barcelona, S.A.
, a company specialized in computer networks and structured cabling systems, and Mibair S.L., a company which offers solutions to air conditioning and ventilation (commercial, industrial and domestic).

Since its foundation, the company philosophy is based in satisfying the needs of our customers. To reach this goal, we offer global solutions in the design and deployment of electrical installations, mechanical, air conditioning, computer networks and any low signal installation needed for the best functioning of your company or your house.

We study all the projects that our customers entrust to us in order to offer the best solution depending on the particular needs of each case. We provide "Custom-built Solutions", being specialists in "Turnkey" works.

Electrical Installations
Montajes Industriales Barcelona, S.A.
is specialized in the execution of any kind of electrical installation, having a large experience in:
• Offices
• LPC – public audience premises
• Data Processing Centre (DPC)
• State Administration buildings
• Commercial premises
• Bars, Restaurants and Hotels
• Public lightning
• Recreational activities premises (Gymnasiums, Cinemas...)
• Clinics and Hospitals, operation rooms included
• Industrial buildings
• Car parks
• Neighbour communities
• Housing
We work from the first phase of the project. In consultation with our clients, we identify their needs, and when agreed, we advise on the suitable solutions.

• General electrical conductions, Individual branch circuit, Main Switchboards, distribution boards and interior installation.
• Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)
• Generator Sets
• Transformer Substations
• Lightning design
• Energetic improvements (Capacitor Batteries, Lightning regulation, Harmonic filtering...)

Montajes industriales Barcelona S.A.
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