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The 6 main macroeconomic objectives of the government

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haris malik

on 20 January 2013

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Transcript of The 6 main macroeconomic objectives of the government

Haris Malik The 6 Main Macroeconomic objectives of governments. Control Of Inflation the Government’s inflation target is 2.0% for the consumer price index. The Monetary Policy Committee sets interest rates at a level it thinks will meet the inflation target over a two year horizon.

However, according to the CPI, inflation is currently at 2.7% mark. Dangerously close to the 3% level which would cause concerns to a government. Reduction In Unemployment UK Unemployment - 2.53 million (december 2012)

DOWN - 82,000 from previous quarter

Youth Unemployment - 945,000 (december 2012)

the government wants to achieve full-employment.
a situation where all those able and available to find work have the opportunity to work. At the time of writing, the key aim is to limit the effects of the recession on the level of unemployment.
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