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H.G. Wells

A presentation of Wells' life and writing career

Chris Devins

on 18 March 2011

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Transcript of H.G. Wells

He attended the Normal
School of Science Adult Life He didn't end up finishing
his 4 years at school,
because he lost taste in
biology, and left after
3 years After he left school, he began to
write, his first book was a biology
textbook He was taught
by T.H.
Huxley Before he became an author,
He had many other jobs
including a novelist
which is still a form
of author, a social critic
and he had planned on
becoming a biologist,
but lost interest. He had written over 100 novels and short stories He had many different pen names when he wrote After WWI, his optimistic
views had faded and his
views as a writer became
more pessimistic Later Writing
Career His writing had defined
the genre
of Science Fiction His book, War of the
Worlds was broadcasted
on the radio as a hoax. Writing predicted future
human technologies Life and Story of
H.G Wells By Chris Devins Writing Career Writing Career Early Life Born in Bromley, England Born on September 21, 1866 Birth name was Herbert George Wells Family Life His father was a professional cricket player His mother was a shopkeeper His family was lower
class His father broke his leg so he could
no longer play cricket and provide
for his family Youngest of 4 children Random Facts 1914: He traveled to Russia 1910: His father died He had developed a love for books at a young age
He secretly learned in libraries He married his cousin, but then divorced her for one of his top students in his class 1893: He devoted his entirely life to writing Left his 2nd wife for a journalist
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