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DIGS and the new IUPUI Urban Farm

DIGS is growing. In 2011 we expanded to three sites, including a new Urban Farm.

Stephen Godanis

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of DIGS and the new IUPUI Urban Farm

DIGS Thank you for being part of our growth! Developing IUPUI Gardens Sustainably Quite simply, we plant. We're changing, developing
and growing. This year alone saw the expansion of the
existing garden to include another garden site and the
recently completed 'farm'. Who we are: What we do. OUR GOALS: Student organization that works to change attitudes about
Urban Agriculture

This year we were able to donate over 200lbs of organic produce
to local food banks through a partnership with Global Peace
Initiatives. KEYWORDS: engage Research Grow Service EDUCATE INSPIRE Urban COMMUNITY We are committed to:
Educating the community on urban agriculture
Providing fresh, organic produce for IUPUI
Providing fresh, organic produce for INDY
Helping those who seek change
Research; sharing what we've learned & tackling new ideas
Being active in the community With all this activity, it is important that we have a fresh,
dynamic brand, a cohesive organization, and a strong presence. Initiating a program to develop an Outdoor Urban Agriculture Classroom will: Look to us for new, exciting activities VERMICULTURE APIARY Mushroom Farming Permaculture Vandal Gardening Lasagna Gardening Seed Bombs Hydroponics Native Plants Rainwater Harvesting collaboration w/Food Services Greenhouse • Serve as an educational resource for IUPUI and the community
• Provide opportunity for students to experience outdoor environmental education
• Provide a site for Lectures, Demonstrations, Workshops, Seminars, and Projects related to Sustainability and UA related themes
• Foster a sense of community and offer an “Environmental Landmark”
• Incorporate hands-on learning
• Provide a setting for research on new UA techniques
• Provide storage for tools and supplies necessary for the UF
• Serve as a constant resource for volunteer and outreach services
• Unify environmental organizations
• Serve as a safe, organized, productive center to discuss the economic, social, energy and scale of UA.
• Stabilize, Identify, Unify Additionally, it would support the University’s growing impact on environmental related issues by: Demonstrating how unused property can be converted to an outdoor classroom that creates opportunities for hands-on learning experiences
Providing healthy food in the cafes across campus
Grow food on an otherwise unused green space
Demonstrating various sustainable methods of agriculture such as composting and rain collection. Outdoor Education Spaces v
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