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Definition Mode of Writing

No description

S Richards

on 1 September 2015

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Transcript of Definition Mode of Writing

Definition Writing 1301
Definition Mode of Writing
This is a different way to examine a particular topic. With this mode, you attempt to define that topic.

Your reader must come away with a clear understanding of the topic and you must have a better understanding of the topic yourself.
Types of Modes to Use:
You may choose to use the example mode (supporting a thesis by describing several general contexts in which the thesis is proven to be true).
Other options?
One mode shall lead them all?
Absolutely NOT! With most writing, we cross types. Consider making an argument in court- while logical appeal is the primary appeal to make, we also make an emotional appeal, right?
There is no outline, format, or approach to call its own with this mode of writing.
What does that mean?!
When you use the definition mode, you choose another primary mode to reveal the definition you're seeking.
Process analysis
Persuasive Mode: supporting a thesis with several logical reasons why that position or opinion must be accepted.
Classification Mode: supporting a thesis or exploring an issue by breaking a whole into its parts.
Compare and contrast: supporting a position on how two things are alike or different.
Cause and effect: Exploring the cause and effect of a given situation.
Final Advice:
Do not make this too difficult or fancy. Choose a primary mode and the rest will take care of itself. Remember to plan before writing. I should be able to determine what your primary mode of writing is when I read your text.
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