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Mineral project- topaz

No description

Mary May Schuessler

on 4 October 2011

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Transcript of Mineral project- topaz

Topaz Topaz is a 8 on a Mohs Scale. By: Mary May Schuessler Topaz Topaz forms in pegmites and high tempature quartz viens. Topaz is deposited by flourine- rich vapors in rocks of ryolite composition, and forms in Cavites in granites and ryolies. Topaz is used for knife sharpeners, scouring pads, sanding products, and it is a birthstone. Topaz is found in igneous rocks, and sedimentary rocks. It is also found in utah, Mexico, and dry desert areas. (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr Topaz is a birthstone for two monthes. novenber is yellow Topaz, and december is blue Topaz. In ancient Greece they thought that Topaz gave strength, break magic spells, and relieve anger. The largest faceted gemstone ever recorded is the "Champagne Topaz." The gem was mined in Brazil, weighs 36,854 tons.

Topaz came from the word "topazes". The Indian word "topas' meaning fire is another root word that Topaz came from. In Middle Ages wearing topaz was believed to heal the body, cure insanity and prevent death. Topaz jewels were believed to cure asthma, hemorrhages and insomnia. The topaz was thought to help the wearer’s disposition and encourage patience. Topaz was a jewel of love and friendship.

Pictures Topaz is a silicate mineral
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