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Honor Killings

No description

Nariman Jaber

on 23 April 2015

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Transcript of Honor Killings

Honor Killings
Tragedy in Brooklyn
Too "americanized" young girl, Amina, seeking for help while she hides from her father whose out to kill her.
Fathers perspective
- A females sexual and reproductive activities are assets that belong to her father’s family, her tribe, her religion. They are not seen as individual rights.
- The desire to marry whom you want or to leave a violent marriage are viewed as filthy and selfish desires.
Daughters perspective
- They only wanted the freedom to love the people they loved and to act like normal American kids.
- 5,000 occur every year and this is only whats reported
- Numbers going up
- The Department of Justice is presently researching the best way to collect data on honor violence in the U.S., and aims to have a plan by early 2015. The State Department now considers forced genital mutilation and forced marriage as forms of honor violence, and has task forces set up on each issue.
What is Honor Killing?
What this means

A father who feels as though his daughter has put him through shame because of her actions will take away her life to gain his honor back.
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