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New France

The best person in the world is jacob elmes!!!!!

Jacob Elmes

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of New France

New France By:Jacob,Narayani,Eva Why people came to New France People came to New France for reasons such as.... -New discoveries and adventures -Religious freedom -New trading partners -To start a new life These are some reasons why people
moved to New France. Conflict and Cooperation French & First Nations -There was always competition between the French and the First Nations about whose land it really was, most of the time the conflict would lead to warfare. -The french were lucky to know the Natives because the First Nations knew the way of the land very well. So the Natives taught the french some techniques and water ways which they can travel on. Conflict and Cooperation French & English Fur Traders There was always competition between
the French and English Fur traders about who was the most powerful nation. Two Main Struggles Between French & British The Loss of Acadia *France & Britain were in a war fighting to control colonies. Britain gained Acadia, the Caribbean of Guadeloupe & Martinique. *Onward France found it difficult to en power. Lastly,France felt less secure. The Expulsion of the Acadians. -The British tried to get the Acadians to take a statement of loyalty to the British king. *Acadia was unsecured, so it could be attacked from anywhere. -Acadia had about 12 000 people from France between 1755 & 1760 about 10 000 were removed from the region and were moved to the French colony; Louisianna. -The French were harassed for small reasons, but they troubled the British as well. The Seven years' War The Seven years' war was the result of the British and the French's enemity. The British Fleet. -General James Wolfe led a campaign to seize Quebec in 1759. He sailed from Britain with a large force... The attack on the Beauport Shore. -In July, Wolfe sent 4000 soldiers to attack the Beauport Shore.

-The French attacked the British and about 440 British soldiers were killed or injured. -Wolfe decided to attack Quebec from the west. On the night of September 12, Wolfe sent a few soldiers to capture the guard on post.

-Wolfe soon came to the Plains of Abraham with 5000 troops - Wolfe could not attack because of the high stone walls.

-The British stopped trade on the river. To be Continued> The Seven Years' War The "Thin red line". *Montcalm sent all of his best troops to Beauport in response to Wolfe's trick. Continuing The Articles of Capitulation. -Marquis de Vaudreuil gave General Amherst a list of demands to
protect the people in Quebec. The Seven Years' War Continuing The Treaty of Paris, 1763 The Seven Years' War finally ended in 1763, when the French & British signed a Peace Treaty in Paris. Each side returned some land captured from war.
-New France remained a British colony. Just Saying: The British officially took over New France & renamed it Quebec. The Anse-au-Foulon. The
End The immigration on the first nation
settlements The characteristics of economic,
political and social life in New
France . The population was nearly 700,000 people . The first nations had settled 50000 -10000 BC
across Canada . First nation whose traditional home is in the
Pacific Northwest on the west coast of
Vancouver The Great Peace of Montreal,1701 This was not a major event, but it was an important event because relationships improved between the First Nations & New France. Examples of conflict: *Fur trade *Land *The Great Peace of Montreal,1701 *The Loss of Acadia ( 1694-1755) *The Expulsion of the Acadians *The 7 years' war (1756-1763) *In 1713, the two sides signed a Treaty of Utrecht.
*Quebec was now under British control.
*The French governer Marquis de Vaudreuil surrenderd to the new British commander- General Jeffery Amherst. *Wolfe & Montclam were both killed in the battle. *Wolfe had a deadly plan to defeat the French and was successful. Major Events of New France *1300 representatives met leaders of New France in Montreal. Quiz Time :) *The First Nations got tied up with conflicts between Britain & French. *The First Nations signed a treaty with New France The British commander agreed to remain the Roman Catholic Religion. . In New France there were no privileged orders . The population less than 3000 . there was a social solidarity, a spirit of fraternity, and a feeling of universal comradeship among them Wars between Britain & France The meeting of the G.P.O.M Map of the G.P.O.M Rock of the G.P.O.M Treaty Acadia The Caribbean of Guadeloupe Martinque Places captured by the British The Treaty of Utrecht French colony:Louisiana Tortured for petty of reasons Sending Acadians to Louisiana The Seven Years' War The Seven Years' War Who died in the "Thin Red Line" event? a) Marquis de Vandreuil & General Amerst
B)Montcalm & Wolfe What was the population after the Europeans came? a) 700,000
b) 400,000 What Peace Treaty did the British & french sign after the Seven Years' War? a) Treaty of Utrecht
b) Treaty of Paris It's Still Quiz Time :) What was the population in New France? a) More than 3000
b) Less than 3000 Was the Great Peace of Montreal a..... a) major event
b) important event *Fur Trade* * Land * * * Your Welcome for all this Info. :)
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