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No description

jenny bragg

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of Mariachi

~Form of folk music from Mexico ~20th century national prominence

~Helps celebrate the great moments in the lives
of Mexican people

~Lyrics describe country life Julieta Bragg & Raquel Denney Mariachi ~Instruments changed over time

~A band usually consists of up to eight violins, two trumpets and several varieties of guitars. Jalisco, Mexico Traditional Mariachi costumes ~The traditional dance technique is Zapateado
~Dancers drive the heels of boots / shoes into dance floor
~Rhythms compliment music ~Mariachi players wear silver-studded
cowboy costumes with wide hats Mariachi Q&A! 1. Where did the form of Mariachi that we know today originate?
a. Buenos Aires, Argentina b. Jalisco, Mexico c. Madrid, Spain 2. True or false: the traditional dance to Mariachi is the Salsa? 3. What instrument is not commonly heard in Mariachi music?
a. violin b. guitar c. piano 4. True or false: Mariachi is often played to celebrate the great moments in life? 5. When did Mariachi start to become nationally well know?
a. 21st century b. 20th century c. the 1500s Thanks for watching Mariachi Citations: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mariachi
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