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Industry Effects on the Great Lakes

No description

Keith Wiley

on 7 June 2012

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Transcript of Industry Effects on the Great Lakes

By: Keith Wiley Industry's effects on the Great Lakes Acid Rain When pollutants evaporate get into the air, it precipitates acid rain, which goes into the lakes.
Mercury levels are higher than they should be, posing threats.
Acid rain changes the pH levels, killing aquatic animals.
People won't go to a lake that has dangerous levels of chemicals. Statistics on Economy Income with the Great Lakes About 1.5 million jobs are connected to the Great Lakes.
$62 billion in wages.
66% of Great Lake jobs is manufacturing. Statistics on how We're Effecting the Great Lakes Ice Mountain in Mecosta county bottles around 700,000 bottles of water a day.
More than 60% of salamanders die from pH imbalance in lakes.
About 58% of nitrogen oxides are from mobility. Industrial Emissions Industrial emissions are what cause acid rain.
Garbage from industries also get into the runoff, causing the water pollution Ride a bike
Conserve on gasoline
Even join a protest against a polluting company How to stop it? by: Keith Wiley Industry Effects on the Great Lakes
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