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onur cinga

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of etiquette

Food, the Invention of Table
and Kitchen Utensils Food Food Timetable Food History Invention of Table "Where will they eat?" First known tables metal or stone Table in Europe Greeks Hunter Gatherers Domestication of herd animals Agriculture BC 12.000 BC 7.000 AD 0 Nutrition:
Nuts, fruits,
animal, plants Preserving food:
drying meat
dehydrating fruits Nomadic Herdsmen Butter, cheese, dairy products Supplement with fruit & vegetables Grains & baking bread IN: Select crops to develop OUT: Foraging 16th century Ancient Greece Ancient Egypt Main food: Bread & Beer Meat (for rich): cow, pig, sheep, duck, fish Fruit, vegetables, herbs & spices Bread --> wore down teeth Bread & goat cheese Fish, fruit, vegetables, eggs Meat --> Luxury Rich: Roasted rabbit, peacock eggs Water (with honey), wine Rich: bread & meat. no vegetable Poor: no meat. bread & vegetables milk, beer, wine make their own food to place food small tables Pharaohs Chinese writing, painting, eating wooden sit on the floor eating can be pushed under bed marble, wood, metal Romans Inventors of large tables (up to 6 legs) mensa lunata (semi-circular) 17th Century dining rooms round, oval, flexible tables to eat small tables for candles Kitchen Utensils Banana Slicer 17th century forks started to be used Tea: from Asia to Europe Coffee: discovered in Ethiopia from America: tomato, potatoes, chocolate, vanilia 19thcentury Bread, butter, bacon, railways --> cheap bread refrigeration -> cheap meat tins, jars, cans meat packing plants 20th & 21st century wide variety of food fridge, freezer, microwave hot dog (1901) ice-cream cone (1953) tea bags (1953) sliced bread (1928) GMO !! Garlic Apple Herbs finger guard washing net onion holder olive pitter bon appettit
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