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Sheikh Zayed, A True Leader!

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Farah Karroum

on 8 January 2017

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Transcript of Sheikh Zayed, A True Leader!

Sheikh Zayed, A True Leader!
The Beginning
The experience that Sheikh Zayed had growing up in a harsh desert environment had a tremendous impact on shaping his exceptional personality. He was known for his patience, insightful personality and optimism, but his central trait was wisdom.
Born in 1918 in Abu Dhabi
youngest of the four sons of Sheikh Sultan bin

Zayed Al Nahyan
,(Ruler of Abu Dhabi 1922-1926)
Raised in Al Ain
after the death of his father
• At the time of Sheikh Zayed's birth, Abu Dhabi was a poor and underdeveloped state (Economy based on fishing and pearl-diving)
He led a simple life even as a member of the ruling family.
Zayed's education was based around studying the instructions and the principles of Islam.
Sheikh Zayed was assigned by his
brother Sheikh Shakhbut
,the ruler of Abu Dhabi, to govern Al Ain in
• During the early days of oil expeditions. Sheikh Zayed came to believe the finding of oil was a gift from God and as such when he was later to become ruler he
shared this new found wealth with others who are less fortunate.
On August 9, 1966, Sheikh Zayed assumed control of Abu Dhabi
, his priorities where to build basic housing facilities, schools, health services, and the construction of an airport, a sea port, roads, and a bridge to link "Abu Dhabi to the mainland.
Sheikh Zayed realized that for Abu Dhabi to prosper, it should unite with its' tribal neighbors.
On the 2nd of December 1971
, a federation of
emirates (Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Sharjah, Umm al-Quwain) formed the"
United Arab Emirates

Sheikh Shakhbout; above: The first oil pump in Ras Al Sadr
Sheikh Zayed was elected president and Sheikh Rashid was elected vice-president. Shortly afterwards, Ras Al Khaimah decided to join the federation.
Arabian Generousity
World-wide Charity
• Shaikh Zayed International Airport located in Rahim Yar Khan, Punjab, Pakistan is named in his honor.
• A street in Montenegro was named for his memory in 2013.[24]
• A lecture theater was named in his honor at the London School of Economics.
• A local airport in the northern city of Kukës, Albania, was named "Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan". • Khost University located in south-east of Afghanistan was named Shaikh Zayed University. The campus of this University was built by the aid of Sheikh Zayed.

"One should express his admiration for the leadership of HH Sheikh Zayed al-Nahyan. Due to his wisdom and political expertise, he was able to achieve amazing cultural and constructional contributions in an extra-
ordinary time span." Jimmy Carter
VIP Quotes
More VIP Quotes
" Your father works in silence, and participates in Arab construction silently. He works with us, with his Arab brethren everywhere, hand
in hand from his heart, against what threatens our nation."
Mohammad El- Sadat

Died in Nov 2, 2004
UAE's National Anthem
UAE's National Anthem
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