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This prezi is about the Teen Titans and my opinions on the couples.

Emily Owens

on 17 August 2012

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Transcript of TEEN TITANS!

Conclusion Teen Titans Slade Starfire Robin Raven Aqualad Beast boy Terra Starfire is nice,kind,and loveable but she can also kick butt. She also likes robin and he likes her back. But sometimes Robin's determination to get Slade gets in the way. Robin is the leader of the team and he is very serious about his work, he also likes Starfire. But sometimes he doesn't feel like himself when he is caught up with Slade's games. Raven is always by her self meditating to try to keep her powers under control. Raven liked Robin when she was forced to help her dad Trygon take over the world, because Robin was the only one who helped her and belived in her. But she realized that robin likes her only as a friend and he still like Starfire. And Raven feels like the girl next door when it comes to Beast boy and he likes Terra. So may be her crush on Aqualad will work out. Aqualad is cool and tough he is also by his self most the time. I guess thats one reason why he likes Raven. Beast boy is the funnest person on the team and he likes Terra. He also tryed very hard to save Terra form Slade.And he still trys hard to get Terra back on the team because he still loves her. Raven and Aqualad Starfire and Robin Terra and Beast boy When Terra first met the Titans she was happy and in love with Beast boy, but she was also not happy because she could not control her powers very well.One day when Terra was helping the Titans,she was fighting Slade and he convistend her that he could help her to control her powers. When Terra came back to the tower that night, she got mad at Beast boy because she thought that he told the Titans that she could not control her powers, so she ran away and went to Slade for help with her powers.A couple of weeks later Terra came back and she became a Teen Titan member. When Terra and Beast boy where on there first date Beast boy found out that Terra got help from Slade, then Slade started to fight Beast boy and Slade declared that Terra was his apprintice .In the end beast boy helped Terra realise that its never to late to change. Cyborg Cyborg is half man half robot, he loves to work out, eat,and play Game Station. He also likes Bumblebee. Bumblebee She was a undercover spy at the Hive Academy. She is the leader of the Titans East.She is very tough and there is not a man alive who can tell her what to do,and she also likes Cyborg. Jinx Kid flash Jinx and Kid flash Bumblebee and Cyborg Jinx first went to school at the Hive Academy then she was the leader of the Hive Five, but then she turned good. Jinx is a girl that no one messes with, because if you do she will get you back with bad luck. Kid flash is very nice and helpful especially to Jinx and he does not care about time because, if your the fastest kid on earth time is something you have plenty of. Slade is the Titans worst enemy her in always trying to destroy the Titans and take over the world. He also tryed to get Robin and Terra to be his apprentices.
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