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Themes in Literature

Discusses common themes in literature

Stacey Cauley

on 17 March 2013

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Transcript of Themes in Literature

Determining Theme Common Themes Individual struggles against society Common Themes Continued... Theme in Literature Underlying idea, message, lesson
or moral of a literary work Perception about life, society or human nature Often explores timeless and universal ideas Check out the title Does it give clues to the theme?
Cover art? 1. Check out the relationships of the characters Character to character
Character to society
Character to setting What is the conflict in the story? 2. Check out the
details Any repeating patterns,
objects, or symbols? What role do they play? 3. Individual struggles to understand
divinity Social influences determine a person's destiny
A person's identity is determined by place in society A person tries to understand and make peace with God Common Themes Continued... Common themes continued... Crime does not pay Honesty is honored and criminals will be caught Overcoming adversity A person accepts a tough situation and turns it into triumph Death is a part of life Death and life are intricately connected Importance of family Sacrifices for family are explored and honored Love conquers all Love is the worthiest of pursuits Sacrifices bring reward Sacrifices and hard work pay off in the end, despite challenges along the way Individual struggles against society Individual struggles to understand divinity Crime does not pay Overcoming adversity Death is a part of life Importance of family Love conquers all Sacrifices bring reward
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