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Our Town Graphic Organizer

No description

Jacob Vega

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of Our Town Graphic Organizer

Our Town Graphic Organizer
The Time Capsule
The time capsule is to be buried in the foundation of a new building in the town. The stage manager says he would throw in a copy of Our Town in it. Thornton Wilder decided to mention his play of Our Town to no longer separate the world of the play and the world of the audience.
Howie Newsome and the Crowell Boys
At the beginning of each act, they show up: the milkman, and newspaper boy (Joe or Si Crowell). The Crowell boys and Newsome show the regularity in small town life. They are also resembling the steadiness of human life.
The Hymn
"Blessed Be the Tie That Binds"
The choir sings this hymn in the backdrop three diverse times during the play. This recurrence of the hymn points out Thornton's approach of tradition and stability.
The Stages in Life
The three acts of the play resemble different stages in life. Act one show them as children during the school year.
Act two has Emily and George getting married. And Act three shows the graveyard and Emily joining the dead. Act three also shows a sad ending to the play.
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