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History of Rock and Roll

No description

helen meng

on 28 October 2014

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Transcript of History of Rock and Roll

History of Rock and Roll

Hello everyone, to start off, let me introduce you the term "Rock and Roll"
Rock and roll is a type of dance music originated from the United States in the late 1940s and early 1950s. From years to years, rock and roll becomes essential to music and it has created many great musicians across the world.
Today, I am going to present you one of these greatest Canadian band....
The Guess Who
The guess who was the most popular band in Canada from the 1960s to 1970s. In 1958, the Guess Who started out as a band in Winnipeg formed by singer Chad Allan and the Silvertones.
By: Helen Meng
Oct. 24. 2014
In 1962, it changed to Chad Allan and the Reflection by which point the band had expanded to 5 members.
The lead vocalist: Chad Allan
Keyboardist: Bob Asheley
Drum player: Garry Peterson
Randy Bachman
Bass player:
Tim Kale
All members were born in Winnipeg.
The band’s debut single “Tribute to Buddy holly” was released on Canadian American Records in 1962. Chad Allan and the Reflections later signed with Quality Records and released a number of songs which were only regional hits that did not have a big influence in Canada.
After a US band called the reflections had scored a hit by 1965, the group was forced to change its name to Chad Allan and the Expressions by their company.
At this point, the band scored their first hit by Johnny Kidd & The Pirates’ Shaking all over. This track ranked in the first place in Canada and 22 in the US.
However, to create some mysteries, the Quality records only credited the song to “Guess Who”. Due to the big influence this track had, people call the group The Guess Who even after Quality records announced the band was actually Chad Allan and the expression. This is how the guess who was named.
How was
In the late 1965, Bob Ashley left the group with the join of Burton Cummings as the keyboardist and co-lead vocalist with Chad Allan. This only lasted for a few months before Chad Allan left, which made Cummings the new lead vocalist. With the depart of Chad Allan, the Chad Allan and the expressions subtitle was finally dropped.
Burton Cummings
In late 1967, the Guess who attended a CBC television music show for teenagers called Let’s Go. The run of the Let’s Go allowed the guess who to be further recognized.

The song “These Eyes” from the album Wheat Field Soul, released in 1969 became the group’s first top 10 us hit. It was awarded a gold disc by the Recording Industry Association of America and sold over one million copies. They were the first Canadian band to have a million selling record. The band soon released another album called “Canned wheat” after the influence of Wheat Field soul.
By the beginning of the 1970s, the Guess Who’s new rock album named “American Woman” have released and its same named title track “American Woman” scored number 1 hit in the US, making the guess who the first Canadian group to have a number one hit in the US. The American Woman is what the guess who is the most famous for. The unique and sustaining tone of the vocalist Randy Bachman is also very noteworthy. It becomes an eminent piece in the world of rock and roll.
Some of the guess who’s other famous songs include the following:
-no sugar tonight/new mother nature
-no time
-share the land
-hand me down world
-clap for the wolf man
-bus rider

These songs were representatives of the guess who and had a big influence on the society at the time.

The Guess Who was the most successful Canadian rock band form the late 1960s to early 1970s, also Canada’s first rock superstars. Its contribution to Canada’s rock and roll industry as well as the world's, is very significant and unforgettable.
Now we have to the end of my presentation.
I believe you learned a lot on The Guess who and rock and roll. Thank you for watching and hope you enjoyed it!

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