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Marketing Plan

New Marketing Plan Presentation

Giselle Bodden

on 15 August 2013

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Transcript of Marketing Plan

FY13-14 Marketing Plan
Mission Statement
The Palm Beach County Film & Television Commission’s (FTC) mission is to generate a positive impact on business tourism and the economy in Palm Beach County through the growth of the film, television and still photography industry by attracting on location production, educating our local workforce and providing superior services to both the visiting and the indigenous production community.

2014 Contract Amount $675,553

Palm Beach County was featured in.
160 Films and MOWs
2,495 Television Shows
shot in PBC 1991-2011
Production Revenue from 1991-2011 $1.784 Billion
Thank You
The Palm Beach County
Film & Television Commission

Executive Summary

New Business Model
First of it's kind restructure focusing on making PBC branded tourism

FTC will have a more proactive role within the industry with a 3 fold plan
Pitching New TV Shows
Developing New Tourism Based
TV Programming
Maximizing Exposure for
Production Projects Slated to
Film in Palm Beach County
According to the Florida Film Commission this industry sector is valued at:

Over $17.9 billion in Gross State Product
Over 200,000 Jobs
$8.5 billion in Income to Floridians
$498 million in tax revenue
Palm Beach County's tourism and production industries are on the rise!

Bed tax revenues up more than 10% year-over-year

Calendar year-end performance:
12% increase in production revenue
10% increase in number of on-location film permits for movies, TV, and other commercial productions

Six months into 2013 calendar year:
10% increase in production revenue
18% increase in hotel room nights and
11% increase in permits

The third and final Presidential Debate was held at Lynn University
A total of 59.2 million viewers watched the debate.
Feature Film
A Multitude of
Non-Scripted Programs
Popular Scripted Programs
Examples of Productions that Brought Exposure to PBC
One Principal Policy: To Provide the Best Quality Service Anywhere
Only agency that provides One-Stop Permitting in PBC at "no charge"
60 local indigenous production companies
G-Star Studios: Largest state of the art motion picture sound stage in the state of FL
Telly, FREDDIE, Addy, and Emmy award winning local professionals
Solid rapport with 33 film friendly municipalities and taxing districts
LA office
Direct flights from PBIA to LA
The Burt Reynolds Institute for Film and Theater (BRIFT)
"Grow Our Own" initiative
Active Board of Directors
24 years of solid industry relationships
Increased incentives: $38 million to $42 million per year for the next 2 years.
Home to 7 Film Festivals and the largest statewide student film festival.

"Palm Beach County will be a globally recognized destination that visitors want to experience because of its culture, lifestyle and amenities."
The Ultimate Diver Challenge, Palm Beach
The Florida Office of Film & Entertainment
Florida State University
Olympusat, Inc.
Florida Atlantic University's Living Room Theatre
Palm Beach Photographic Center
Film Festivals & The Student Showcase of Films
The Palm Beach County Film & Television Institute
Palm Beach Rox, Inc.
Film Florida
$242 million in transferable tax credits over 5 years
Up to 20% -30% transferable tax credit
20% base
5% off season bonus
5% family friendly bonus
5% underutilized region bonus
5% qualified production facility bonus
15% Florida student bonus

The priority for qualifying/certifying projects for tax credit awards is determined on a first-come, first-served basis within appropriate queue.
The Tax Credit
A shift in the entertainment business model and the way countries and state aggressively pursued this business through offering incentives changed the landscape.
Florida legislators revamped & created the Florida Entertainment Industry Financial Incentive Program
Legislators supported an increased commitment to the program with an additional year of funding at $42 million.
Florida legislators failed to understand the impact or ROI numbers associated with the program.

The Entertainment Industry Financial Incentive Program was not funded for 2014.
Attracting & Retaining Business
FTC's credibility and effectiveness proven by return clients
Will celebrate 25th anniversary
Continues to issue free permits

Generating & Fulfilling Leads
Lead conversions are up 30% from this time last year
Leads from Florida Governor's Office & Florida's Los Angeles liaison
New FTC staff member will work to identify a menu of network programming fitting for PBC to pitch to attract a show or series
FTC combines location scout skills with creative marketing objectives to strengthen both locations and marketing efforts
Added nearly 150 new and updated locations to directory
Internet & Social Media
Advertising Media & Public Relations
In house: Focus on Film monthly newsletter

International, National, Regional, State, and Local Directories & Industry Trade Journals:
Cannes Lions
Hollywood Reporter
P3 Update
Television Promotion
Production Credits (Permitted projects will request credits to include "Filmed in Palm Beach County, FL"
Production Review (Local distribution, national outreach through DVDs)
Film Festival Review (Local distribution, national outreach through DVDs)
2 staff produced shows
Industry Events & Trade Shows
African American Film Festival
Multicultural Film Festival
Palm Beach Jewish Film Festival
Student Showcase
Lake Worth Film Festival
Palm Beach International Film Festival
Swede Fest
Outside Marketing Resources
Florida's transferable tax incentive: $42 million per year for fiscal years 12-13, 13-14, and 14-15
G-Star and low cost production packages
Film Florida
The Florida Office of Film & Entertainment & LA Office
The Office of Economic Development: $50, 000 Contract for Student Showcase of Films
The Burt Reynolds Institue for Film and Theatre (BRIFT)
Film Festivals
The Palm Beach County Film & Television Institute
Business Development Board Incentives
The Palm Beahc Photographic Center
Florida Atlantic University's Living Room Theaters
Provide superior 24-hour client services and support mechanisms to cultivate the expansion of the film, television and still photography industry in Palm Beach County.

Market Palm Beach County as a viable film, television and still photography destination and cost effective alternative to many other locations.

Build a solid workforce by creating and supporting industry related education programs and resources.

Develop new and support existing Palm Beach County based production facilities, crews and film festivals.

Enhance and utilize incentive programs to encourage the growth and expansion of the film, television and still photography industry.

Research and Statistics
Collect and maintain statistical and historical information through proven in house research methods.


FY13 Program Objectives
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