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Crumple Zone, Seat Belt, Airbag


Punsaldulam KH

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of Crumple Zone, Seat Belt, Airbag

Car Person and drives like crazy a HUGE car crash!!! he gets in the car 1.3 million people die each year
from traffic accident Car Safety Features
that make our cars safer... Crumple Zones
Seat Belts
Airbags Crumple Zones Crumple zone is a part of the car

The metal of the car will dent, bend and fold during a collision which increases the amount of time it takes the car to stop.

made of soft materials such as foam, steel, while the cabin of the car is made from stronger materials

The crumple zone gets squashed so that the cabin which contains passengers does not have to. A given amount of force is present during any crash.

The actual numbers vary based on the speed and mass of the car and the speed and mass of whatever it hits.

It is called deceleration.

2 goals of crumple zone is to...:

1) reduce the initial force of the crash

- to slow down the deceleration

-it saves time

2) redistribute the force before it reaches the vehicle's occupants.

-send all the force away from the occupants. Although the car stops, the person inside does not stop.
An unbalance force, crumple zone, lowers the tendency of people to move forward in car crash. moving cars have kinetic energy

When cars stop suddenly, the kinetic energy needs to be absorbed safely and slowly to reduce injuries.

The crumple zones help reduce injuries

A good crumple zone will mean that a car stops in a longer time and longer distance.

It will not change the speed remains
but the deceleration will be smaller.

The forces would be smaller and safer too.
The number of human injuries/deaths from car collisions are lesser.

Thus, it impacts our world socially good, because it decreases the death rate of humans who die from car accidents.

People still die, mainly because over-relying on the crumple zone.

The bad side to crumple zones is that your car is not repairable, its a total loss. Unlike the old cars which could be somewhat rebuild to original. IT SAVES LIVES! How it affects society? Environmentally...? not much

Maybe some raw materials for making the crumple zone Newton's First Law Newton's Second Law The second law is expressed in equation form as
F=MA(F= force, M= mass, A=acceleration)
A=V/T (V= velocity, T= time)
More time means less acceleration.
Less acceleration by increased time reduces force that applies to people inside of the car. You can think of crumple zones as being a part of the car which sacrifices itself for your safety! Seat belts protect us in 2 ways:

it locks into place when a large force is applied by a rapid change in momentum, which prevents the passenger from hitting the window or seat.

it stretches a little, the stretching increases the amount of time it takes the person to stop.

The proper use of a seat belt reduces the external force of an accident. bags which inflate during a crash

activated by a small explosion which takes place in the event of large force being applied over a short time.

cause the driver to decelerate slowly

make the overall stopping force lower. Crumple Zone Seat Belt Airbag differences and similarities common increase the time to stop reduces the force slows the deceleration Cost costs money to fix damages may need to replace the car research and testing means

a lots of and crash = lots of damage to the car problem with crumple zones... so...the solution is to... we can't prevent car crashes how we can change crumple we can't!!! Crumple zones:

- made of best materials for deforming

- maximizes the time to stop deaths and injuries nothing we can do with crumple zones we should do something with ourselves buy a car with crumple zones

check if the airbag is working

put on your seat belt

drive carefully Dead or seriously injured Forces involved... ?
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