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on 27 January 2014

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Transcript of Trotsky

and he's back!
When Trotsky heard about Bloody Sunday, he went back to Russia. After a couple of fails at the war, he became leader. Trotsky resigned from this position and was appointed the people's commissar of army and navy affairs in March 1918.
In January 1928, Trotsky was exiled to the very remote Alma-Ata. On May 24, 1940, Soviet agents machine-gunned Trotsky's house. Although Trotsky and his family were home, all survived the attack. On August 20, 1940, Trotsky was not again so lucky. As he was sitting at his desk in his study, Ramon Mercader punctured Trotsky's skull with a mountaineering ice pick. Trotsky died a day later, at age 60.
He made his way to London after he escaped, and met his second wife, Natalia Ivanovna. They had two sons together.
After serving only two of his four years in prison, Trotsky left his wife behind and escaped from prison. He was given a forged, blank passport. Without thinking, he quickly wrote the name Leon Trotsky and was stuck with it for the rest of his life. (The head jailor at one of his prisons was named Trotsky.)
In 1897, Trotsky helped fund the South Russian Workers' Union. For this, Trotsky was arrested in January 1898. After being in prison for 2 years, he was transferred to Siberia. On his way to Siberia, he met and married his wife, Alexandra Lvovna who was in prison for 4 years. They had two daughters together.

Who was he?
Leon Trotsky was the leader of the Russian Revolution in 1917. He was a communist theorist and a prolific writer, which means that he would write about the revolution.
Soon after, he became the head of the Red Army as the people's commissar of army and navy affairs from 1918-1924.
Yasmin Cardenas
Mrs. Leon
English II H, Period 1
24 January 2014
Lev Davidovich Bronshtein
November 7, 1879 in
Kirovohrad, Ukraine
August 21, 1940 in Coyoacán, Mexico (61)

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