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Eller College Pre-Business Meeting for Freshman

Freshman Student Orientation for Spring 2017

Rachel Erickson

on 9 January 2017

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Transcript of Eller College Pre-Business Meeting for Freshman

Academic Programs
Professional Admission
Involvement and Professional Development
International Programs
Eller College Advising
University Policies and Resources
Academic Success
College Meeting Agenda
Technology Musts
Professional Majors
Eller College of Management
Professional Development Center
International Programs
Management Information Systems
Pre-Business Major
Freshman and Sophomore Year
Build GPA, business knowledge and experiences
University General Education/Gen Eds
Pre-Business Foundation
Career Courses
Pre-Business Advisor
Main Campus and Online Pre-Business students
Pre-Professional Program Semester Fee
Professional Major
Junior and Senior Year
Professional Major Courses
Core and Major Specific
Cohort Model to establish community and networks:
Traditional: A (am) or B (pm)
Evening: Summer start-
Spring applicant
Spring, Summer or Fall applicant
Global: Summer start-
Spring applicant
Enhanced Career Planning
Professional Major Advisor
Professional Program Semester Fee
Professional Admission
To be eligible
2.75+ GPA
42+ credits
Foundation Courses
Spring and Fall Application
Application Deadline
Professional Dress
Skills Assessment Exam
Business Administration (
Evening or Online
Business Economics
Business Management
Entrepreneurship (
Senior Year
Management Information Systems
Operations Management
Eller Student Options
Global Business Program Minor
Offers Eller Students an International business focus
4 elective courses
Professional Admission required to complete
2 International Business courses
General Education Requirements
ENGL 101/101A & ENGL 102 or just ENGL 109H
MIS 111 & MIS 111L
MATH 116 or 122A&B or 125, BNAD 276 & BNAD 277
ACCT 200 & ACCT 210
ECON 200
BCOM 214
Foundation Courses
Cumulative GPA
All UA Courses
Foundation GPA
All attempts taken at UA or transferred
Overall Interview Score
Average of:
Letter of Intent
Interview Criteria
Letter of Intent
Motivation for pursuing admission to Eller College
Preferred Major
Career Goals
Relevant Skills
Your contribution to Eller
Highlight accomplishments on one page
College Experiences
Share your experiences in-person
Professional Interview with Eller College Associates
Respond to Behavioral Based Questions
Use the STAR Method
Professional Admission by the numbers
Fall and Spring process
400 admitted out of 500-600 applicants
3.3-3.5 average GPA of admitted students
Fall less competitive than Spring
Balance strong grades and quality experiences to be competitive
2 attempts
Eller Programs for Non-Eller Majors
If you pursue another Major at the UA...
and still want a business education...
Pre-Business Involvement
Build knowledge, skills and experiences:
Case competitions
Student Clubs & Organizations
Continue building Skills and Experiences:
Case Competitions within classes
Career Immersion by Major
Professional Panel Events
Career Showcase
Read, manage and use your Catmail
Eller College Email Listservs
Course Management Technology and Online Programs
Laptop (PC or Mac)
Software needed with Macs for business projects
UA Main Bookstore
UITS 24/7 Helpdesk
Campus-wide Computer Labs
30-minute Appointments
Academic, Career, International Programs
In-person, Phone, or Skype
Schedule through eSMS
Desktop or Mobile App
Academic Quick Advising "QA"
Scheduled in Fall and Spring
M/T (10:00 am – 3:00 pm)
W/TH/F (12:00 pm – 3:00 pm)
Academic Email Advising
Use CatMail
Full Name and Student ID
Types of Advising
Career Coaches and Student Associates help all Eller Majors with:
Letter, Resume & Interview Preparation
Major & Career Exploration
Professional Development Courses
Internship & Graduate School Planning
Personal Branding
Eller Global Cohort
University Policies
Resources on Campus
Academic Advisor, Educational Specialist and Career Coach
in Eller
Flex Labs
to further learning for classes like MIS 111
Think Tank
for tutoring and Academic Support
Campus Health
for physical and mental health resources
and syllabus for clarification of course expectations, assignments and grading
Recreation Center
for sport, physical activity and community
Drop and Withdraw from 16-week courses
Individual course drop in UAccess
Weeks 1-2
Individual course withdraw in UAccess
Weeks 3-10
"W" on transcripts
Limited to 18 credits of "W"
Academic Probation
Below 2.0 cumulative GPA
Must be at or above 2.0 to continue
University Probation Program-P.A.S.S.
Grade Replacement Opportunity to improve GPA
Retake up to 3 courses, before attempting 60 UA credits
File GRO request by deadlines

Freshman Follow-Up
Group advising to prepare for Spring 2015
Review curriculum, policies, and programs
Email invitations from Eller Advising Office
RSVP and attend
Professional Involvement
Violations of the Code are taken seriously by the Eller College
1 Violation-workshop
2 Violations-dismissed from Eller
In line with the University code, the Eller College promotes academic integrity and ethical behavior:
E-tegrity Oath
Ethics course
GoodCat Hotline
Values Case

University evaluates Transfer courses for credit
Earn A, B or C grade for credits to transfer
Grades do not transfer and average with UA GPA
Remedial courses are non-transferable
Test credit may apply (AP, IB, CLEP)
College Advisors apply course or test credit to degree

Transfer Math, English or 2nd Language
Evaluated by those Departments
Transfer Courses
of employers think international experience is important for recruitment
Parents in Support
Pre-Business Advising in Fall
Placement into Prerequisite Math Courses
Tier I General Education
2 Individuals and Societies-150
2 Tradition and Cultures-160
2 Natural Sciences-170
Tier II General Education
1 Art
1 Humanities
1 Natural Science
Diversity-1 course
Gender, Race, Class, Ethnicity
2nd Language
2nd semester Proficiency
Coursework or Proficiency Exam
BNAD 100 (Spring 2017):
Language and Context of Business

BNAD 200 (Fall 2017):
Career Management in Business
Student Center:
Advisement Report
Transfer Credit Report
Advisor contact information
File GRO
Pay Tuition/Fees
Grades post
Cohort option for Spring applicants
Option for any Professional Major applicant
Starts in Summer
Summer 2017 & 2018-Brazil
15 UA credits complete in 10 weeks
Career Courses
Business Emphasis:
1 Ethics Course
ALEKS Placement test score determines 1st Math course at the University
Your Math Placement and other information is noted on your 1-page sheet in Orientation packet
If you have any transfer math courses, attend "Drop- In" Math Placement advising this afternoon in Student Union-Ventana Room
Keep in mind, that progress thru Math determines progress thru the Eller College
Required for Professional Admission appplication
Math Placement
#9 Public Business School
Based on average of
Freshman Orientation College Meeting
Abroad opportunities
Study Abroad
Service Learning
Global Internships
Global Cohort
Schedule appointment to plan and prepare
Hong Kong
US News and World Report
Place into "Prep for University Math":
MATH 100
>> MATH 109c/112 w/ MIS 111
Place into"College Algebra":
MATH 109c/112 w/ MIS 111

2 courses
1 course
Career Placement
MATH 116
MATH 116
BNAD 276
BNAD 277
Business Calculus
Business Stats
Business Analytics
Eller Graduating class of 2016
of students seeking employment or graduate school indicated placement
Eller's Emerging Leaders Community
Connect with other Pre-Business Freshman
Leadership & Professional Development
Common Classes
Mentoring with Eller Students
Specialized Academic Advising
Team-building & Networking
in Colonia de la Paz
or MATH 122A & B
or MATH 125
Calculus I course options
Some students place into Calculus and take it 2nd semester/Fall
Talk with advisor at Schedule Review
Use University resources to research other UA Majors and find the right Advisor
"Degree Search" website
"Advising Resource Center" website
Pre-Business now and having 2nd thoughts?
ALEKS for Algebra
ALEKS for Calculus
88%+ MATH 116 (
prereq is MIS
65%+ MATH 116 (
prereq is MIS
70%+ MATH 116 or 122A & B
85%+ MATH 116, 122A & B or 125
This presentation is Online:
Scan QR Code on
Quick Links Handout
with Smart Phone to view Eller College presentation using Browser or Prezi App
Professional Business Fraternities
Alpha Kappa Psi
Delta Sigma Pi
Investing in a
Study Abroad Experience
Global Cohort:
Service Learning:
Study Tours:
Semester Abroad:
Summer Internships:
"Calculus Concepts for Business Students"
After the College Meeting
Different Student and Parent/Guest Sessions
After lunch:
go to College Life Sessions to learn how to register then meet with advisors at Schedule Review to go over first semester of classes
attend Family Essential Sessions regarding advising services, Dean of Students, financials, Guest Access and more
After that Students:
Adjust Spring Schedule in ILC Computer Commons
Pick up Cat Card in Student Union
Questions about Transfer Credit Today
Use Guide to Placement in Orientation Packet
For any out-of-state transfer Math, 2nd Language, or English Composition courses
Visit with respective Staff this afternoon during Drop-In sessions
For Gen Ed transfer course/credits
Students visit with Eller Advisor during Schedule Review this afternoon
Email and/or plan future appointments with Advisor
Eller Wildcats for Life!
Admission with Excellence
3.75+ Cumulative GPA
3.5+ Foundation GPA
First Choice in Major
Exempt from Skills Assessment Exam
Matched interview with Professional in career field
Average GPA of students in Eller Clubs & Organizations:
Average GPA of students
not in
Eller Clubs & Organizations:
Progress through Math sequence determines Professional Admission Semester
Eller College of Managment
Eller Professional Development Center
University of Arizona and more!
Work with Advisor to determine plan for math courses and application semester.
Professional Development Center
As a Pre-Business Major, be prepared for business opportunities and certain events by dressing
business casual
Spring Club Fair
Next Steps Center closes after first week of semester.
Fall 2015 Survey
Admissions Decisions
Change to Pre-Business today
Fill out Change of Major Form and turn in before leaving this Meeting
Eller Advisors will change Major to Pre-Business and adjust Spring schedule
Attend Schedule Review for Eller students this afternoon 2:30 pm
Not currently Pre-Business?
University Code of Academic Integrity

1 credit each
consider adding an Eller Minor.
*to graduate
Advisors are a resource for any questions you might have
Accounting Association
African American Honorary
Chinese Student Council
Hispanic Honorary
Investments Club
Finding your Place in the Eller Community
Marketing Association
Multicultural Business Association
Professional Women in Business
Sports Marketing
Unity Board and MORE!
Get Out your Phones!
Exit out
Stop by the
Eller backdrop and share the news of your Orientation with friends and family!

Thank you for choosing Eller!
Pre-Business Academic Advising
*Caseloads subject to change.
Dave Wietecha, N-Q

Elena Ioli, R-S

Yuliana Ruiz, T-Z

Elise Romero, Honors

Alisha Brewer, A-B

Cassandra Ott, C-E

Veronica Atondo, F-J

Rachel Erickson, K-M
Spring Club Fair
Tuesday, January 17th | 5-7 pm | McClelland Hall
Career Showcase
February 16th | 1-5 pm | McClelland Hall
Stephanie Hanson, Educational Specialist
After the College Meeting
Transfer Students
30-minute appts with Eller Advisor on McClelland Hall Room 204
Eller Advisor will release Mandatory Hold, go over transfer credit and set up plan
Student must take care of other holds as needed
Registration by Eller into business classes
MIS 111, ACCT 200, BNAD 276, etc.
Registration by student into other classes
MATH, ENGL, Tier I/II Gen Eds, etc.
Place into "Prep for University Math-Part 1"
MATH 100AX >> MATH 100 >> MATH 112 w/MIS 111
Full transcript