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Simran Shamdasani

on 22 April 2014

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Transcript of SAVE OUR PLANET

Fossil fuels
Oil,coal and gas are non renewable things and we are going to run out of in some time.
Hong Kong is the most wasteful city. We waste 79kg per person. We really need to start recycling because the land fills will get full eventually. We have very nice places E.G. TUNG CUNG HONG KONG ISLAND and many more places. So start recycling and reusing and reducing at home to keep these places clean and we dont need tomake more places into landfills.
Ways we can save the Planet
In Hong Kong we are very bad at recycling and we all want to change to new things. Do you know, Hong Kong has 3 land fills and one is going to be full in 3 years. #2 is going to be full is 5 years . The last one is going to be full in 10 years. If you want to save HK from being a dump then you have to start recycling the plastic things ,cans and paper. But make sure there are no food or still a drop left in the can .
We should start caring for the environment because the landfills are getting full and the government has no choice but to go back to burning and dumping the rubbish. This will fill our air with pollution. The government are also thinking of charging for the rubbish we throw. But i can help you. We don't want our school to be a dump ?
1.You can start recycling, reducing the amount of rubbish, reusing plastic bottles and other stuff.
2. Tell your friends and family to walk to places or take a bike.
3. Call some of your friends over and make posters out of recyclable things E.G. plastic wrappers and scrap paper .
4. When your mom or helper is doing the laundry tell them to fill it up so you don't have to do it again and again and you also don't waste gallons and gallons of water.
You can be sustainable at home by putting solar panales outside your window and buy things that can last a long time like a pair of shoes that mabye lasts for 2 years. Also if clothes or shoes are small and they are under good condition then give it away to a relative.
OIL: This kind of liquid is very important because we use it for everything like petrol and many more. Oil comes from the ground
COAL: This solid is used in trains and other machines. Coal comes from a plant called peat and when the plant dies from the bottom is starts to become hard and black
GAS: We use this gas in cars trucks and other trasportation. This gas also comes from the ground.
Water is very important in our lives. There is 97% of salt water 2% of frozen water in the ice capes and 1% of fresh water for humans and animals to share. Do you know we waste alot of water at homes doing laundry, car washing, taking long showers and other stuff.
Did you know every thing is made out of water, even our bodies are made out of water and adults body is made out of 70-80% of water and a childs body is made out of 60-70% of water
A secret about water
Did you know that a healthy person drinks 48 cups of water(3 gallons) and if that person drinks a lot of water to quickly that person will get water intoxification and die.
Taking Action
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