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Antonio's Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book Talk Presentation

No description

Gina Yoong

on 10 June 2013

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Transcript of Antonio's Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book Talk Presentation

Do you have the Cheese Touch? Hello and welcome to my book talk on Diary of a Wimpy Kid, to be exact, the first book by Jeff Kinney.
By the end of my presentation one of you will get the Cheese Touch. So listen and try to avoid the cheese… Main Characters Greg Heffley
He’s a wimpy kid Rowley Jefferson
Greg’s best friend Freggley
The weird kid who lives on Greg’s street
Goes to the same school Manny Heffley
Greg’s bratty, little brother Rodrick Heffley
Greg’s older brother Greg’s mom and dad This book is about Greg writing in his journal and what happens in his life.
When Greg’s mom went to buy the journal for Greg, he SPECIFICALLY told her to “buy the one that didn’t say diary on it.”
But of course she didn’t listen, so now Greg has a journal that says, "Diary" on the cover.
Greg writes about things that happen to him at home and at school.
For example, he writes in his journal on the first day of school saying he got stuck sitting between morons. I chose this book because
It has great humour
Nice pictures and illustrations
Realistic characters
It’s easy to read and understand A theme in this book is Greg trying to survive middle school and home life.
For example, Greg's little brother, Manny drew a self portrait on Greg’s bedroom door in permanent marker and he didn’t even get in trouble from his parents. But if Greg did the same thing to Manny’s door he would be in a lot of trouble.
His older brother, Rodrick plays heavy metal music that Greg doesn’t like listening to.
At school, he tries to fit in with all the other kids. But his friend Rowley makes it hard for him to fit in because of his kiddish actions and words. For example, instead of saying, "You want to hang out" Rowley asks Greg, “Want to come over to my house and plaayyy?” Greg is always doing something funny and interesting.
For example, Greg and Rowley made up a haunted house at Rowley’s place.
Shane Snella paid $2 to see the haunted house.
When Shane went in the Hall of Screams he freaked out and curled up in a ball under the bed and wouldn’t come out so that was the end of their haunted house business.
I chose this part because I thought it was really funny.
I remember doing something like this when I was younger with my cousin.
We made the haunted house in my basement and when my sister came downstairs we screamed really loud and scared her.
She ran upstairs and did not come down to play with us the rest of the day. I like the illustrations because it brings out a lot of description of where Greg is, what he’s doing and who he’s with.
Instead of making it like a novel, I like how the author writes it in journal form because it is easier to read and different.
The author’s language is also descriptive which helps me picture it in my head. I would recommend this book to boys and girls in grades 3 and up who like funny books and to those who have older or younger siblings because they can relate to how Greg feels.
For example, I can relate when Manny is bratty around Greg, he gets Greg in trouble even though Greg did nothing wrong.
When I’m bratty around my sister I get her in trouble too even though she didn’t do anything, just because she’s older. Trivia Game Try to answer these questions from my presentation. If you get the right answer, you get a prize! 1. What is Greg’s last name? Heffley 2. What is Greg’s older brother’s name? Rodrick 3) What is Greg’s younger brother’s name? Manny 4) What is the name of Rodrick's band? Loded Diper 5) Who paid $2 to get into Greg
and Rowley’s haunted house? Shane Snella 6) Who did my cousin and I scare? My sister Manny 7) Who drew a self portrait on Greg’s door? Who is Greg’s best friend? Rowley 9) Who was bratty to my sister? Antonio 10) What might one of you have
at the end of my presentation? Cheese Touch An interesting quote is the "Cheese Touch."
It's like getting the Cooties if you touch it.
You get rid of it by touching someone else if their fingers are not crossed.
It started with a piece of cheese left on the basketball court that turned moldy. Here's a dramatization of one part in the book. Thank you for listening to my presentation.
I hope you enjoyed my presentation but most of all I hope you get a chance to read this great book.
But before I go...
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