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Kathia Avila

on 24 May 2016

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Transcript of Algea

Changes in the Antarctic
Ice Algae
The ice algal communities play an important role in primary production and are therefore considered an important part of both Polar ecosystems.
The animals thrive in nutrient-rich pockets in the ice.
Polar bears eat seals and whales they are on top of the food web. The sad thing is that with Carbon Dioxide levels going melting the ice some polar bears are not able to survive.
Global Warming
Global Warming is causing the ice to melt which is critical for the algae who feed from the nutrients of it. Because of this there will be a decrease in Algae. If the Algae decreases then the population of the cods, whales, plankton, and polar bears decreases. These animals will starve to death and will (sooner or later) be extinct.
Zooplankton eats ice algae. They're typically small, and can respond rapidly to increases in phytoplankton abundance
Arctogadus glacialis or Arctic Cod are found in icy water.
They feed on Zooplankton.
Seals eat a lot of Arctic Cod.
It is their key nutrients.
Baleen whales such as the Bowhead whales take in a large mouthful of water, close their mouth, and then push all of the water out between their special teeth. The fibers on the baleen (teeth) filter out the plankton and they are then able to eat the plankton, the only food they eat.
Arctic Cod
Polar Bears
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