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Pointer V. Texas

No description

Savannah Duchanse

on 3 February 2017

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Transcript of Pointer V. Texas

What was the Supreme Courts Ruling?
Supreme Court- 1962
Back Ground Continued
It was a Unanimous Decision
At the trial, Pointer testified for himself. He claimed to have no part in the robbery. The state had tried to use the store managers testimony since he had moved out of Texas and did not want to return. However, the defense denied the testimony which was also their way of not allowing Pointer the right to confront the witness. The judge overruled, and Pointer was convicted.
The unanimous opinion written by Justice Hugo Black stated that the court had withheld the 6th and 14th amendment from Pointer. He described the 14th amendment as a fundamental right.
Monday, April 5, 1965
380 U.S. 400
What Happened?
My Opinion
I believe that Mr. Pointer's rights were violated. I believe that he had the right to confront the witness and the accuser. I think that everyone should have the option to be represented or choose to represent themselves.
Pointer V. Texas
Late at night, on June 16, 1962,
Bob Granville Pointer entered a
7-11 and stole more than $300
from the store owner. He was
seen talking to another man who
he gave some of the money to.
Pointer and Lloyd Earl Dillard
were arrested and taken before a judge. They were charged with assault, and violence. Both did not have a lawyer, and though Dillard tried to cross-examine the witness, they were both indicted.
The Back story
Pointer's claim that the transcript violated the 6th and 14th amendments was rejected by The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals
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