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My life

No description

Diego Urdiales

on 26 May 2017

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Transcript of My life

Age 1 - 9
I was born on October 9, 2004 at Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena.
My First Birthday!!!!!!!!!
For my 1st Birthday I had a train party.
I had my own train ride that I rode for hours. When I was little I loved Thomas the Train so my parents threw me a train party.
My Second Birthday
For my 2nd Birthday I had a Farm Party, where we had real animals such as ponies, pigs, and an entire petting zoo.
My Third Birthday
My 3rd Party was a Hot Wheels theme. My favorite present was a hot wheels blanket that I enjoy even up to now.
My Fourth Birthday
My 4th Birthday was at Wild Kingdom, a really fun bounce house where I got to sit on the elephant's trunk and be King of the jungle for the day.
My Fifth Birthday
My Sixth Birthday
For my 6th Birthday I had a Nascar Party. We went to the Irwindale Speedway and watched the drivers race; it was a lot of fun.!!!
My Seventh Birthday
For my 7th Birthday I had a Science Party. I dressed up like a mad scientist and entertained my guests with many experiments.
By Diego Urdiales
The Birthday Road to Glory ...
My 8th Birthday!
My Ninth Birthday
For my 9th Birthday I had a Football Party, where we had a 30 ft obstacle coarse and raced through the jumper.
For my 8th Birthday I had a LIMO party ... so much fun!

We went to the Griffith Observatory where Transformers was filmed.
For my 5th Birthday I had a Halloween Costume Party. Everyone dressed up like they would on Halloween. I was Captain Hook .... Ahoy, matey!
Th is me when I did track for St.Louise
Why I chose this song
I chose this song because it reminds me of my past that was over the rainbow. This song has been always a song that helped me remember some of my memories that were so long ago. This song has also cheered me up when I felt down sometimes. The song has beautiful lyrics so that is what made me pick this song. My last reason is because my grandma always loved this song because it reminded her of flashbacks.
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