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Henry VIII Project

No description

Nathan Gull

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Henry VIII Project

Henry VIII Wives were:
Catherine Parr
Anne of Cleves
Jane Seymour
Anne Boleyn
Catherine of Aragon
Catherine Howard.
Catherine of Aragon got DIVORCED
Anne Boleyn got BEHEADED
Jane Seymour DIED
Anne of Cleves got DIVORCED
Catherine Howard got BEHEADED
Catherine Parr SURVIVED
Henry VIII
Henry dissolved all of the Monasteries because he set up himself as the head of the church in England and wanted all of the riches from the Monks for himself. Henry was a very athletic person as he did lots of sports, including: Jousting and Tennis. When Henry had a son called Edward he knew that Edward was going to be king when he died, so he got his son educated so that Edward would be a good king like him.
Catherine of Aragon gave Henry a daughter. Henry did not execute his daughter even though he wanted a son, but he did Divorce Catherine as she could not produce any more children. As well as closing down all of the Monesteries for their money, he also closed them down as the Monks were not doing as they should, and this got out of controll when an inspecter found a women in a monks bed, when the monks weren't even allowed near women.
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