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PnP Presentation

No description

Charlotte Yu

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of PnP Presentation

Promotions and Publications tructure S oals G P Rojects T am mall group

romotes projects of other departments

romotes image of the org S P P E R cruitment 12 Members


Skill, Dedication and Availability D vIsion of Tasks Assigned to projects of other departments

Web developent team:
Gail + 2 members
(with option to outsource site management to compsat for P5,000/yr] R le of AVPs assist vp in making decisions

Delegating tasks

presiding over meetings with team members

Guiding the members in their respective projects To promote activities or events of the org to its members

To promote the org's core competencies to other orgs and potential clients

to increase the social awareness of the ateneo community by publishing the results of researches conducted
85 percent attendance in activites/events At least 10 requests from other Ateneo orgs and offices, and at least 2 from clients Can be verified through survey P otoshop training (July 9)
Web design seminar (July 16)
Statistics is fun (before and during recweek)
Social awareness using statistics (using studies from rnc that are relevant to the ateneo community)
A-stat's accomplishments this year (end of the year) A campaign W bsite/Yahoo groups/facebook

Year end publication

constant updates
make it fun and relevant

includes top 10 surveys for the year E i O h d E Sarah c a r m a i n e i L G
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