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Theme: Strategy

No description

Lizette Pedraza

on 4 April 2013

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Transcript of Theme: Strategy

8th Century
Odysseus and his crew sailed to a unknown island were they found a cave full of sheep and cheese. The crew and Odysseus had a small feast with whine and food. Till then a cyclops comes in behind him and closes a stone door behind him. The crew got the cyclops drunk till he fell asleep and then they get a sharp piece of wood and stab his eye. Then the cyclops opens the stone door and the crew escape while they can. Strategy Odysseus
8th Century
Odysseus got to an unknown island and the crew go in deeper to the island and find a beautiful lady that offers them whine and food. They accept, then after the whine that they drank was a potion that would turn them into farm animals. Odysseus goes on the search for them and Hermes finds him and suggests that he eats a special herb that would make him immune to her potion, he then tells him that she will try to seduce him then that he should to threaten her with his sword till she turns them back. 8th Century
When Odysseus's journey was over he then makes a quick visit to an old farmer were his son was born and Odysseus choose to be smart and listen to what they have been doing in his house. After the story Athena appears and she disguises him as an old noble man. Odysseus goes and see's the madness. Later on Penelope announces that who ever can string the bow and shoot it through all 12 axes will be her husband. They all try but fail, till then the old man tried and succeeded he then turned back to his normal self. Him and his sun then had all the doors locked and they both killed all those men. Romeo and Juliet in the 1500's
Romeo and Juliet were too teenagers and were so madly in love. But both of their family's disagree of them being together. So Juliet father re ranged a marriage with another boy name Paris, who she doesn't love. So Romeo and Juliet thought to get married secretly. Until Juliet had to marry, She pretended to be dead.So she can runaway with Romeo later.But romeo thought she was really dead, so he went next to her and killed himself.Then Juliet saw romeo dead besides her and she commits suicide. Strategy in Warfare
Strategy is one of the main things in war, it has been used ever since war has started. They use strategies to get to their destination and to reach their goal. Strategy is use in many sports like football.
Mid 19th century
Strategy has always been used in football and many other sports. They need a strategy through out the whole thing.They use passing plays and many more strategies. Hunger Games
In the movie The Hunger Games Katness hides in the top of the tree so the other tributes won't be able to find her and kill her. She ties herself so she won't fall off the tree and get discovered. Football shows strategy because the football players have to make a play ahead of time so they can score a touchdown or to keep the other team from scoring and gain more yards. Strategy is use when Odysseus pokes the Cyclops eye so the Cyclops could open the stone door and the could leave from the cave. This part of the novel shows strategy because Odysseus has planned to eat the special herb with the help of Hermes, and in the image it shows when Odysseus is threatening Circe with his sword and when she tries to seduce him. By:
Cesar Gonzalez
Clarissa Carrillo
Lizette Pedraza The Avengers
21st Century
The avengers used a lot of strategy especially the part when they had to close the portal. in the part were iron Man flies into the portal with the nuke and then he let it go and the nuke blew up the other dimension. This movie has a lot of strategy, since they have strategy they have to be working together. http://splicd.com/c-7_8y-McLo/163/163 This clip it shows how they use strategy right before he shoots the arrow through the twelve axes. They do that because they had planned that once he doesn't that he and his son will then kill the men and they will not be able to get out. Introduction

Strategy has been used since time has begun. Humans, and even animals use it. Strategy basically means to plan before doing something. You can use strategy in almost anything, you can use it in sports,learning and even your daily routine. Strategy has always been used and it will always be used in the future. Blitzkrieg War
The Germans used and had a very good thought out strategy. They used heavy artillery and used that artillery to go through the enemy lines and attack behind enemy lines. That will cause disorganization and shock. Conclusion

Strategy has changed over the time. But one thing that stays consistent is that its always involved in our daily routines. The way we structure our day and get things done is based on the methods that best benefit us. We can expect strategy to evolve even further over time in our lives as well as in literature. George Washington Crossing The Delaware

On the night of December 25 George Washington set sail across the Delaware. He went early in the morning so he can surprise them and they would never of suspected it. it was the first surprise attack that was made by George Washington against the Hessian Forces. In the movie Apocalypto there was strategy used by one of the Indigenous person. When the other tribe tried to kill him they gave him time to run away and when he did he was running in a zig-zag so when they throw the bow and arrow to kill him they had less chances of killing him.
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