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Language Arts Prezi - The Lorax

No description

Rachel Greene

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of Language Arts Prezi - The Lorax

photo (cc) Malte Sörensen @ flickr How might the title affect the theme? In some stories, you can tell if the theme will be about love, life, etc. In this story specifically, you can't really tell from the title. But, in stories that are very beginner like "Sharing With Your Friends" you can tell the theme might be related to sharing. How might the author affect the theme? Yes, the author can affect the theme. The author often writes one type of story with alike themes in each one. Dr. Suess has a very interesting background. He writes poetry, and fantasy books. His books are mainly about animals and Earth, which is what this theme revolves around. You can tell his theme will most likely not be related to death, or murder. Analyzing a Story's Theme The Lorax
Dr. Suess Rachel Greene The theme in the Lorax was "Respect The Earth", and it teaches that lesson to anyone who reads the story. In other stories the lesson is different, but it teaches a life lesson. So that's why theme is important. It says why the story took place, and what you should take out of it. How might the plot, specifically the climax, affect the theme? How might the main character affect the theme? How might the setting affect the theme? The setting can affect the theme because in different time periods, it was very different. Also the country can affect the setting. Say if one country was free, and one was in war. In the Lorax, the setting is modern day, but in a fantasy forest. This affects the theme because the Lorax taught the main lesson, or theme, to the characters. The main character affects the theme, because through their actions, they change the whole story. If not for them the lesson would be completely different. In the Lorax, if the boy hadn't gone to the Once-ler and the Once-ler hadn't told the story, and the Lorax hadn't tried to teach the Once-ler, the lesson, or theme, would be different. The plot or climax affect the theme because, if the story were any different, the characters would behave differently and there may not be a lesson to learn from the situation. In the Lorax, if the setting was a regular forest, the Lorax wouldn't have come. Then the Once-ler wouldn't have learned to respect the Earth. By Rachel Greene :) The End Theme Presentation
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