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Ms. McFarland's 3rd Grade Classroom Procedures and Routines

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Rhonda McFarland

on 28 August 2017

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Transcript of Ms. McFarland's 3rd Grade Classroom Procedures and Routines

How To Do It Right
Ms. McFarland's 3rd Grade Classroom
Procedures and Routines

-- OR --
I'm here. Now What?
Arriving in the Morning
Hang up your jacket and backpack
Take out the items you need for the classroom:
Assignment Notebook
Home Folder
Water Bottle
Pencils, etc.
Place your
Assignment Notebook

Home Folder
in your mailbox
What's That?
Morning Announcements
Be ready for a great day!
I have to go...

Raise your hand and cross your fingers

Wait for teacher's "Yes" signal
Leaving the classroom
Entering the bathroom
In the hall
Leaving the bathroom
Entering the classroom
Keep your hands and feet to yourself
Respect Privacy

Be Respectful
If you need to talk, use your whisper voice
Wash your hands
20 seconds with soap

Use no more than 2 towels
Throw paper towels in garbage can
Walk quietly back to the classroom
Enter quietly
Return to your work

We have to go somewhere?
How to Line-Up

Quickly and quietly put your work away
stand up

Push your chair in all the way
Hands and feet to yourself
Walk to your place in line
Eyes facing forward
Wait for teacher to give signal
I'm working on my own.

What do you expect?

Listen to the directions carefully
Take out what you need to complete the work
After directions are given, begin working quietly
If you have a question, raise your hand
Hand in work as instructed by your teacher
If you finish early, complete additional activities as instructed by your teacher
It's the end of the day.
Now what?

Fill out your Assignment Notebook completely and neatly
Place all homework, mail, and other work in your Home Folder
Gather together:
All mail
Graded work
Make sure table and area around table on floor is clean
Put away all materials and work
Place your chair on your table
Place your book basket on your table
QUIETLY stand by your chair until teacher dismisses you to line up
Follow teacher

to outside door
If you brought a lunch, place it in the Lunch Crate
Enter quietly
Let the teacher know you are here
Do not disturb any other student
You should be gone for less than 3 minutes

You have fun learning to get back to!
During announcements


Sit quietly while listening to announcements
When the Pledge of Allegiance begins:
Stand up
Place your hand on your heart
Face the flag
Say the pledge
Everyone has a job.
Make sure you know what yours is
I have garbage.
What do I do with it?
Garbage goes into the TRIBE garbage can

Do NOT throw garbage on the floor.
Do NOT hide it in places around the classroom
Do NOT leave your seat when you are expected to be listening to the teacher or one of your classmates
Throw garbage away in the classroom trash container during independent work or during transitions
We're doing something different now?

How to Move From One Activity to the Next
When given the signal,
put materials away
The Teacher Needs Your Attention
What Will She Do?
When the Teacher needs your attention, she will hold her hand up, speak a chant, i.e. Class-Yes, or use a noise maker

You will then
FREEZE, give the teacher FIVE, or respond as directed
1 - Eyes on Speaker
2 - Ears Listening to Speaker
3 - Mouths closed
4 - Hands on desk, not moving
5 - Feet on floor, quiet
What If I Need My Teacher's Attention?
Hold your hand up and wait to be called on.
Do NOT say or shout the teacher's name
Follow ALL School and Classroom Rules
Be Responsible
Be Respectful
Be Safe
Quietly move to the next activity
How long may you be in the bathroom?
If you talk, what kind of voice do you use?
Do you wash you hands?
How many towels do you use?
Quiz Time
OOPS! I'm Late
Quietly enter the school
Walk to your numbered hook spot
How do you enter the school?
Where does your home lunch go?
What things do I bring with me into the classroom?
How do I enter the classroom?
What do I do when I get to my table?
Quiz Time
I have something to throw away. Where does it go?
What do I do when I hear announcements?
What do I do when the Pledge of Allegiance begins?
Quiz Time
Uh Oh!
My Pencil Broke.
Now what do I do?
You should have 2 sharpened pencils at your desk at the beginning of the day

If you need a sharpened pencil, you may:
Raise your hand when:

your assignment notebook is done
you have retrieved your mail, etc
you have placed mail and homework in your Home Folder
Walk to your "hook" area
Retrieve your:
lunch bag (if have one)
any other items
Walk back into the classroom
Place Assignment Notebook and Home Folder in backpack
Use your own manual pencil sharpener
You may retrieve one from the "Sharpened" pencil can if it's an appropriate time.
Leave your broken one!
Raise your hand
to ask for permission to get a new pencil.
Make sure you have
2 sharpened pencils
Uh Oh.
Now I Need a Tissue.
You may get a tissue when you need one.
They are on your tribe island.
Make sure you have everything!
You may not be allowed to return to your backpack during the school day
Let's Practice!
Let's Practice!
Teacher will come to you to:
Check that everything is complete
Dismiss you to get your backpack
Put your chair down

...and everyone else
Be Respectful
- Continue working
- do not say anything aloud
to the late student
Classroom Rules
1 Follow directions quickly
2 Raise your hand to speak
3 Raise your hand to leave your seat
4 Make smart choices
5 Make your teacher happy
Go to our rug for
class morning circle time
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