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Yellowstone Caldera

No description

usid bader

on 15 October 2015

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Transcript of Yellowstone Caldera

Yellowstone Caldera
By: Usid .B & Mohamed .M
Location and Date
Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, United states.

Last eruption: 1350 .B.C
How Volcanoes occur
avoid river areas and low lying regions
before leaving the house change into a long sleve clothes
if you didnt evacuate, close windows, doors and block chimneys and other vents
Yellowstone caldera
Volcanoes are formed when magma whithin the earth's upper mantle works it's way up to the surface. At the surface, it erupts to form lava flows and ash deposits.
The eruption was more than
1,000 cubic kl (250 cubic miles) of magma. Yellowston has had at least 3 eruptions:
The 3 eruptions and were about 6000, 700 and 2500 times larger than the eruption of Mt.St. Hellens.
If you live near a active volcano keep goggles and a mask.
know your evacuation route and keep gas in your car
Other super volcanoes
the long valley caldera
valdes caldera
taupo caldera
aria caldera
creates new islands
many precious gems that could only come from volcanoes
the slopees of volcanoes and the surounding regions are covered with rich volcanic soil
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