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The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks: Timeline

By: Maddie Graham

Maddie Graham

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks: Timeline

Henrietta Lacks is born in Roanoke, Virginia. (6 February) 1951:
George Gey successfully cultures the first immortal human cell line, out of Henrietta Lack's cervix. 1952:
HeLa cells become the first living cells shipped via postal mail. 1952:
The Tuskegee Institute opens the first HeLa factory as a nonprofit organization. 1953:
HeLa cells become the first cells ever cloned. 1954:
Chester Southam begins conducting experiments, without patient's consent, by injecting HeLa cells to see if they cause cancer. 1956:
HeLa cells are fused with mouse cells, creating the first animal-human hybrid cell. 1966:
Stanley Gartler drops the "HeLa bomb" stating that HeLa contaminated numerous cell lines. 1971:
In a tribute to the death of George Gey, Henrietta Lacks is correctly identified, for the first time (in print), as the origin of the HeLa cells. 1973:
The Lack's family learns of HeLa cells for the first time. 1975:
Michael Rogers publishes an article about HeLa and the Lacks Family in Rolling Stone Magazine. 1985:
Bits and pieces of Henrietta's medical records are published without her family's consent. 1924:
Henrietta Lacks moves to Clover, Virginia. 1941:
Henrietta and Day marry. 1934:
Lawrence Lacks, son of Henrietta and Day, is born. 1988:
Rebecca Skloot first hears of HeLa cells. 1999:
Rebecca Skloot visits Turners Station, in hopes of interviewing a member of the Lacks family. 1938:
Lucile Elsie Pleasant, Henrietta and Day's first daughter, is born. 1955:
Elsie Lack's dies in The Hospital for the Negro Insane. 1900 2012 1910 1920 1930 1940 1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010 (5 February) 1951:
Henrietta's biopsy came back; her tumor was malignant. (20 March) 1951:
Henrietta is dropped off by Day at Johns Hopkins; she had been bleeding for weeks due to radium. (29 January) 1951:
Henrietta first visits Johns Hopkins. (4 October) 1951:
Henrietta dies of cervical cancer, which spread all over her body. 1952:
Scientists use HeLa cells
to develop the first polio vaccine. 1954:
The name "Helen Lane" first appeared as HeLa's origin. 2009:
dies. 1947:
David "Sonny " Lacks Jr. is born. 1949:
Deborah Lacks is born. 1950:
Joseph Lacks, the youngest child, is born. 1973:
HeLa cells were used to study Salmonella. 1989:
HeLa researchers identify enzyme which prevents cells from dying. Timeline of... by: Maddie Graham
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