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Geography of Richfield Enrichment Project

No description

Percy Thomas

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Geography of Richfield Enrichment Project

Geography of Richfield
Enrichment Project
By: Percy Thomas 1 mile radius of my house The highway around the airport is one mile East Veterans Memorial is one Mile North School RMS is my middle school it is 3.2 miles from my house. My house is Northeast of RMS Parks in my neighborhood Major Highway Muslim Christian Culture Representation Art Work Nearest Library Museum Businesses Stem is 1 block from my house. It is the closest Veterans Memorial Washington Augsburg Roosevelt Wilson Christian Grand Ave is 1 mile W of my house This is on American Blvd one mile South This is Pastor Ken at HOP church Latino is also a main population in my community. They have picnics at parks with all different foods. Augsburg library is the closest to me The Augsburg library holds an art contest every year Walmart is a very popular business it is about 1 mile away It brings in alot of people and it has cheap prices for people to have a beter life and not worry about money for food Closest I couldn't find a close museum but my favorite is the Science Museum
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