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Introducing the Kareo Android App

No description

Westbrook Consulting

on 25 July 2013

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Transcript of Introducing the Kareo Android App

Do you have an Android app? Why Android? 1.3 million
Activations Daily ...it's the biggest. Makes you Money! Why our app? The New iPhone! - Get an edge over your competition
- Keep your customers happy
- Increase your visibility Fits your vision It's slick
It's secure
It's ready to go! - Turnkey solution
- ZERO time-to-market
- Currently being used by a Kareo client It's Ready To Go! - Data secured with Android's built-in encryption
- Two-way AES Base64 encrypted data transfer
- Auto log-off
- HIPAA compliant It's Secure It's Slick Thank you for reviewing the introduction to AMPS, our branded medical practice scheduling app for Android.
We would love to have Kareo as one of our partners.
For a demo of our Kareo-branded app,
please contact us at AMPS@WestbrookConsulting.com.
We look forward to hearing from you. Like what you see? Swipe - Uses advanced Android concepts
- Intelligent caching
- Offline viewing
- Tuned for usability
- Designed for 99.8% of Android devices including tablets Full
Featured ! Yes, you do! Tablets Detail Go To
Date Adaptable "Making complex processes intuitive through imaginative applications of technology" Here it is. "Investing in the product discovery process to create innovative solutions"
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