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No description

Irene Lydon

on 15 April 2011

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Transcript of PUNK

look around...
form of expression
louder, faster, harder
early evolution The place to be...
Diversity within the genre
Meanwhile, across the pond
The Sex Pistols The UK scene
100 days at the Roxy
Looks, drugs and the media
The End of an Era The Lost 80s
Anger and Nu-wave
Punk is Multiplatinum
mid 1970s in the UK and USA
anarchic and aggressive movement
anti establishment music genre
lyrics about politics, unemployment and youth rebellion
left wing ideologies
DIY (do it yourself) attitude
they hated everybody and everything
low income and unemployment
significant number of school leavers
old clothes from carity and thrift shops and refashion
Sex fetish shop of Vivienne Westowood and Malcolm Mclaren safety pins
razorblades Punk
= reaction to 1970s popular music (disco, progressive rock..) and to hippie culture
politics = punk s target
unemployment, poverty and racial tensions
hooligan attitude of drinking and fighting
squat phenomenon
deterioration of industrial relations and increases in the cost of oil (bad economy)
Prime Minister, Edward Heath responds with spending cuts in education and policies of wage restraint
= strikes by miners, electricians and railway workers
1975 : two thirds of youth were working class and one third on the dole
Steve Jones : “if you weren’t born into money you weren’t going to amount to anything, you may as well have kissed your… life goodbye.”

made a few things clear to an international audience
broke dawn many barriers of expression and language
made an impact on the music industry wihtout any special talent Modern Political Punk bands
Anti- Flag
Rise against
Against me
I Object
Resist and exist
Proof that Punk is still going strong..

•Vans warped tour, started in 1995, now an international tour showcasing modern punk bands.

•Anarcho Punk fest in California 2011.

•NOFX- Punkvoter.com- an organization designed to get young people to vote and be politically active.

Today is 2011 and we are due the next era of rebel. The youth will save us, and the Spirit of Punk will forever haunt the empire and it’s henchmen,
For as long as there is oppression, they’ll always be a punk fighting it.”
Record Labels Punks always argue about record labels
“it’s not meant to be about making money MAN”
The Ramones signed to Sire Records in late 1975
Punk is “anti authority and against big businesses” Crass Records
Riot city
Rough Trade

Artists record, promote and distribute their music and merchandise themselves
Avoiding Corporate Sponsorship DIY No legal contracts
Bands are paid in records (15-20%) sometimes 50% of NET profit
Sometimes hire freelance promotion companies
DIY OPERATIONS Warehouse – Office Space
Artists paid highly
Labels expect high sales
`upstream’ the artists
Commercial labels Political and social background PUNK Society and Fashion Punk in the 70s The Clash Signed to CBS for £100,000
They put Punk on the Mainstream Map
Sire Records : responsible for the Ramones Important labels O’Connor, A, 2008. Punk record labels and the struggle for autonomy. Lexington Books
Sex Pistols 2010 Sex Pistols news/information [online]. Available fromhttp://www.philjens.plus.com/pistols/pistols/pistols_news.html
The Smiths 2010 History [online]. Available from http://www.askmeaskmeaskme.com/
Ogg A., 2006, “No more heroes a complete history of UK Punk from 1976 to 1980” , Cherry Red Books : London.
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Savage J., 2009, The Englands dreaming tapes, Faber and Faber Limited : London
Temple J. (1980) The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle [DVD]
Temple J. (2000) The Filth and the Fury [DVD]
Fields J. and Gramaglia M. (2003) End of the Century [DVD]
Naylor W. (2007) Blank Generation: punk rock [DVD]
Lydon J. et al. (1994) Rotten: No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs, England: Fanfare Music Ltd.

Hebdige, D. (1979). Subculture: The Meaning of Style, London: Methuen & Co. Ltd.
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Watkins, M. inglefield, M. (2010). Loud Flash: British Punk on Paper, London: Haunch of Venison.
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Cooper, R. (n.d.). ABrief History of Punk Rock, About.com 2011. [Online], Available: http://punkmusic.about.com/od/punk101/a/punkhistory2.htm


Sex Pistols 2010 Sex Pistols news/information [online]. Available from http://www.philjens.plus.com/pistols/pistols/pistols_news.html
The Smiths 2010 History [online]. Available from http://www.askmeaskmeaskme.com/
www.punknews.org REFERENCES & BIBLIOGRAPHY "Throughout the UK, literally thousands of young bands emerged from an inner-sanctum of former musical disability, only to reign supreme amid a climate of absolute musical nihilism." UK SCENE Formed in 1975 in London
John (Rotten)Lydon, Glen Matlock, Steve Jones, Paul Cook
Sex shop in King s road
"I hate Pink Floyd" T-shirt
Sid Vicious (1977)
January 1977: USA Tour and end of Sex Pitols Manager: Malcolm McLaren
Big labels: EMI
A&M records
Virgin records "Anarchy in the UK" was the debut single (1976)
"God Save The Queen" (1977)
"Pretty Vacant" (2nd July 1977)
"Holidays in the Sun" (15th October 1977)

One and only true album "Never Mind The Bollocks" (28th October 1977)

Tracks and Albums The song includes the verse: "God save the Queen...she ain't no human being...There is no future...In England's dreaming".
In 1977 many radio stations were banned from playing the record but that did not stop the song officially reaching number two in the pop charts.
On 3 June 1977, the band - Johnny Rotten, Steve Jones, Paul Cook and Sid Vicious - were arrested after they performed on a boat on the river Thames in London. God Save The Queen Joe Strummer, Mick Jones, Paul Simonon, Terry Chimes, Keith Levene
Formed in London in 1976
British punk rockers
fiery and idealistic, charged with righteousness and a leftist political ideology
songs about revolution and working class
First concert in summer 1976, supporting The Sex Pistols

Tracks and Albums • The Clash LP
UK release April 1977
“Janie Jones”, “White Riot”, “London’ s burning” and “Career opportunities”
UK chart position #12
Added singles to US version: “I Fought the Law” and “Complete Control”

• The single "(White Man) In Hammersmith Palais" (summer 1978)

• Give em Enough rope
UK release November 1978
“Safe European Home”, “Tommy Gun”, “Drug-stabbing time” and “All The Young Punks”
UK chart position #2

• London Calling
UK release December 1979
UK chart position #9
“London’s calling”, “Spanish Bombs”, “Lost in the Supermarket” and “Train in Vain”

• Black Market Clash
UK release August 1980

• Sandinista!
UK release December 1980

• Combat Rock
UK release May 1982
UK chart position #2
“Should I stay or should I go” and “Rock the Casbah” "Black men gotta lot of problems / but they don't mind throwing a brick / white people go to school / where they teach you how to be thick / an'everybody's doing / just what they're told to / an'nobody wants / to go to jail!" (White Riot) USA SCENE Formed in 1974 in NY
Joey Ramone, Johnny Ramone, Dee Dee Ramone, Tommy Ramone
Crystallized the musicals ideals of the genre
Cutting rock & roll down to its bare essentials
First concert on March 30, 1974
drugs problem
20 yrs of touring
Sire Records
Phil Spector
Radioactive Records Tracks and Albums Ramones (1976) was their debut album

Rocket to Russia (1977) "Sheena Is a Punk Rocker", "Surfin Bird"

Road to Ruin (1978) change in sound

Pleasant Dreams (1981) 6th album Commercial disappointment Start of the decline
The Exploited
The Damned
Dead Kennedys
Other important bands Evolution and Sound Influential Factors Most popular artists Today?
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