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Ethan Ritchie

on 21 June 2014

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Transcript of Friendship

The book they came On Viking Ships by Jackie French was published in 2005 by HaperCollins
. The theme in the book that we are looking into is friendship. This book tells the story of a teenage girl called Hekja that lives with her ma in a small coastal village that then gets raided by Vikings and sadly she gets taken and becomes a thrall for Freydis Eriksdottir daughter of Erik the Red. This is a book about self discovery.
By Tamika, Rebekah, Camilla, Ethan and Ben

About the book
Friendship Combinations in the book
Hekja & Snarf
There are many friendship combinations in Jackie French's book "They Came on viking ships." There are 9 main examples of friendship in the book that we are looking into they are:
Hekja and Snarf
Hekja and Snorri
Hekja and Freydis
Hekja and Hikki
Freydis and Thorvard
Hekja and her Mum
Hekja and Bran
Hekja and Branna
Skrealing Cheif and Snorri
All of these people have good friendships in the book.

Hekja and Snarf have had a good running friendship throughout the book. Their friendship all began when Hekja rescued Snarf from the Seagull down on the beach. There are certain keys that make this the friendship that it was, they are:
They would risk there own life to save each other.
Without these 5 things their friendship would be no where near as good as it is now. I would have to say that this friendship is the best in the story "They Came On Viking Ships."
Quotes from the book
Pg.6. "No. Hekja's voice was high and fierce you cant kill him!"
Pg.7. "I'll look after him! I'll make him well!"

Hekja & Ma
Hekja & Snorri
Hekja & Freydis
Hekja & Hikki
Freydis & Thorvard
Hekja & Bran

Hekja & Branna
Skraeling Cheif & Snorri
They Came On Viking Ships

Freydis smiled at her. Always Questions.' Anyone could guess you were never born to be a thrall.' p.g 228

"Freydis handed Hekja a hairbrush. It was backed with walrus ivory and carefully carved. Then Freydis undid one of her brooches on her apron. The brooch was gold.'Because I trust you' she said at last." p.g 175
"He thrust something through the door.' Here see if he'll eat that,'he said and was gone before Hekja could thank him."
p.g 15
Hekja and Freydis became really good friends because of these five reasons:
Freydis took care of Hekja when they were on the ship.
Hekja was loyal to Freydis.
They are both Kind and Caring.
Hekja was glad to go on the ship with Freydis and not with Thorvald.
Hekja would do anything for Freydis.
Friendship is also shown in the book with the friendship of Hekja and Snorri. There friendship really began when they both where in Vinland with the Skraeling raid on the village when Snorri got badly injured and Hekja took responsibility of looking after him and from this friendship they then got married. There are a couple of things that make this friendship work.
Quotes from the book
Pg.273. "Hekja" it was Snorri, striding down the path from the long house, a final bundle under his arm. he held out his hand and Hekja took it, and climbed into the boat together while they uncoiled the ropes from the deck."
Hekja and Bran became really good friends because of these five reasons.
They both secretly liked each other.
They both where kind and caring.
Bran was there when Hekja really needed it.
Hekja shows this friendship when Bran gets hurt in the village fight against the vikings.
They both trusted each other.
Hekja and Branna have had a very strong friendship since a young age. Whilst they are up on the mountain they build a stronger relationship from when they were younger.

pg.24 “Hekja looked at Branna, her best friend hoping for support.”

The definition of friendship..
1. The state of being a friend; association as friends
2.To value a person's friendship friendly relation or intimacy.
3.Friendly feeling or disposition.
Hekja and Ma obviously have a strong friendship because they are so closely related. Throughout the book, it describes many times how much they love each other. Here are some friendship qualities that they have,
Plus they are family

Freydis and Thorvard are husband and wife and have a very strong friendship. When Freydis wants to go on an expedition to Vinland, Thorvard accompanies her even though it is a very dangerous choice with slim chances of making it back home. They fight together when the skraelings attack and Thorvard protects her with his shield. Later in the book they have their first child and accept Hekja as a Jarl.
On page 143 it says
"Freydis turned on them, her eyes flashing. And then she turned to Thorvard."Well, husband?" she challenged. Thorvard stared at her, as though considering. And then he grinned "Well said, wife. I will come. Who will join us?" His voice rose to a bellow."
In the book "They Came on Viking Ships" Snorri and the Skraeling Chief get on very well
and teach each other ways of hunting, catching fish and sharing their different styles of singing.
On page 224 it says "Mostly Snorri the Skald conducted the trading. Unlike the other Norsemen he was learning Skraeling words."
P225 "The Skraelings even took him hunting. They showed him how to shoot a giant salmon with their stone-tipped arrows, while in return Snorri showed them how the Greenlanders dug fish traps in the sand,"
Hekja and Hikki are:
caring towards each other.
Hikki and Hekja both enjoy running. A classic example of friendship between Hikki and Hekja is when they first meet, whilst on the journey to Greenland.Hekja and Hikki both go on big running adventures to and from places. On one of their runs Hikki fell down a cliff and Hekja saved him, she could have left him to die but she picked him up. They ended up finishing together despite it was a competition. They stay good friends through the book but unfortunately Hikki dies.

pg. 20. “Hekja waved and grinned but didn’t slow down. In a few heart beats he was gone.”

This came from Hekja and Freydis slide.

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