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No description

Paola Videira

on 19 June 2015

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Transcript of easyJet

Web Analytics Project
David Michel 2014368
Illya Bakurov 2012236
Paola Videira 2012307
Tiago Costa 2012313

Bussiness Presentation
Business Area
"Our aim is to deliver market leading returns to our shareholders through maintaining a leading European network at primary airports, with a clear focus on making travel easy and affordable for our customers. Delivering a friendly and efficient service, at a low cost price"
Extract maximum amount of useful knowledge given data generated by 2 main sources: unlogged and loged users.

in February, 2015
Monthly Traffic Reach
Why Web Analytics on easyJet?
favorite routes
top search
Time between flight and purchase
Overall time spent on the website:
if purchase
if not purchase
Hotels and Cars seen but not bought
Extra things reserved
Transaction time
Number of people per purchase
Departures&Arrivals searched for
Time period searched for
Hotels and Cars seen
Average pages visited by customer
Time spent on each page
Device using to access the website
Unlogged User
Bussiness Results
After working on this project, we saw some web analytics already in use on the website of easyJet, but a lot more can be done and a more profound analysis of the market and a better profiling of the user, can keep easyJet as one of the top choices of travelers.
Even though the costs to make such deep web analytics to easyJet are very high, the total revenues after implement changes can be very profitable and compensating .
Improve web-site
Understand Buying Behaviors
Logged Users
Unlogged Users
Not included variables:

Based On
We Can
Current Country, Departure Searched, Arrival Searched
Manage Traffic providing indicators, Customize Adds
"Extras" seen (Cars + Hotels), Time per page, Current Country
Rank Extras, Change the Offers according to Segments
Segmentation & Profiling
Logged User
Based On
We Can
Suggest usual routes to travel in usual time-period at usual booking (and/or top searching) time-period
Customer complete profile data
Better service customization (beyond country level), personalized adds, Hotels and Cars based on usual budget...
Beside all options stated for unlogged users...
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