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Volcanoes, Mountains, Earthquakes and Tectonic Plates

My 3 favorite Volcanoes, Mountains and Earthquakes

Macy Jade

on 13 April 2011

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Transcript of Volcanoes, Mountains, Earthquakes and Tectonic Plates

My favorite type of Volcano is a
Caldera volcano! They are the most
dangerous volcanoes! Volcanoes! Magma Vent Caldera Volcanoes are formed
by a colapse of land following
a volcanic eruption. Mountains! My favorite mountain is a fault-block mountain. They are formed when large areas of bedrock are widely broken up. Often fault-block mountains have a steep front side and a sloping back side. Earthquakes My favorite type of Earthquake is a P-Wave because they do the least amount of damage. The P- Wave can travel through solids but not liquids; which is why the opposite side of the Earth can't feel the earthquakes, which tells Scientists that the Earths core is liquid. The P-waves can't go through the Earth's core because it's liquid. Volcanoes, Mountains
Earthquakes Magma is whats inside the volcano
Lava is whats outside Volcanoes are formed
when two tectonic
plates collide. The Magma
below the Earth's surface
gets heated and blows out!
Mountains are formed when two tectonis plates collide, one or both lift up and create a mountain! Earthquakes happen when two
tectonic plates collide, sending
vibrations across the Earth. The End!
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